Carapook by the MacPherson Creek Carapook from the west, 1996
  • When you leave the Glenelg Highway at the Carapook intersection near the "Bella Vista" homestead, travel down the steep "Bella Vista Hill" then east toward the settlement of Carapook you notice MacPherson Creek on the left
  • The Carapook Community Hall is the first building encountered and like most community halls is used for a variety of functions such as the Carapook School Concert of 1937.
  • The vacant land after the hall is where the the house of Thomas & Rachel POVEY stood for many years.
  • The house on the left was built by PEDEN of Casterton for Harry BURCHELL in 1928. Tom ASTBURY & family later lived in this house.
  • The dense trees behind show the earlier location of the Carapook School No.1969.
  • On the east of the school was the Carapook Union Church.
  • The Carapook Cricket Ground situated in one of Les ANSON's paddocks was over the road from the school.
  • "Muntham" the original HENTY homestead is about 1-2 km over the hill on the right
  • "Tulse Hill" homestead is ahead of you over the treed skyline.

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