William Enoch MARSHALL 1874-1962
Emily Adelaide Louise SUMMERS 1876-1961

Port Sorrell, Emu Bay, Tasmania & Carapook, S-W Victoria, Australia

William Enoch MARSHALL 1874-1962, b. Port Sorrell, Tasmania son of Albert MARSHALL and Emma Jane DAVIS was married in 1896 at Emu Bay, Tasmania to Emily Adelaide Louise SUMMERS 1876-1961, b. Emu Bay, Tasmania, daughter of Patrick SUMMERS and Sarah STUBBS.

This couple appears to have crossed over from Tasmania to Western Victoria with their children in the early 1900s.

The family was at "Geddes Farm" Bella Vista Estate, Carapook in 1918, having previously been at Wurt Wurt Koort, Henty, near Merino.

William and Emily MARSHALL died at Casterton, Victoria in 1962 and 1961 respectively, and are both buried in the Casterton New Cemetery.

William Enoch MARSHALL & Emily Adelaide Louise SUMMERS had the following known family:

  1. Reuben Augustus MARSHALL 1894-1938, b. Emu Bay, Tasmania; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1919 to Gladys May BAWDEN 1900-1993, b. Casterton, Victoria to Thomas Henry BAWDEN and Minnie AYRES; d. Casterton, Victoria. This couple lived at Carapook before moving to Casterton. Reuben was born to Emily SUMMERS prior to her marriage to William MARSHALL.
    • WW1 : enlisted 1st AIF, Pte 2298, 8th Light Horse Regiment, AIF, 19 Jan 1916
    • WW1 : 1st AIF, Pte 2298, 8th Light Horse Regiment, served in Egypt and Palestine
    • WW1 : RTA 12 Jul 1918 (malaria)
    • Photo : 1921 Carapook Football Team

  2. William Enoch MARSHALL 1896-..?.., b. Emu Bay, Tasmania; d. ..?..; m. 1916 to Eliza Jane "Jean" SPILLMAN 1899-..?.., b. Coleraine, Victoria to John SPILLMAN and Elizabeth MURPHY, d. ..?.. [May have moved to Tasmania]

  3. Ivy Jane MARSHALL c.1898-1983, b. ___, Tasmania; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1922 to Archibald COTTER 1897-1952; lived at Carapook.

  4. Amelia May MARSHALL 1900-1971, b. Emu Bay, Tasmania; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1922 to Sidney ROOKE c.1893-1971, b. Yorkshire, Englnad; d. Hamilton, Victoria; lived at Carapook.

  5. Christina Harriet MARSHALL 1902-1985, b. Montagu Bay, Tasmania; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1922 to Herbert Thomas ATCHISON 1901-1992, b. Casterton, Victoria to Samuel ATCHISON and Mary Ellen Catherine THOMAS; d. Casterton, Victoria.

  6. Edith Rachel "Enid" MARSHALL 1903-1991, b. Montagu Bay, Tasmania, d. Victoria; m. 1925 to Norman McCALLUM 1905-1968, b. Digby, Victoria to John McCALLUM and Ann BARKER, d. Merino, Victoria.

  7. Alma Beatrice MARSHALL 1905-1998, b. Montagu Bay, Tasmania; d. Tasmania; m. 1928 to Russell McCALLUM 1899-1978, b. Digby, Victoria to John McCALLUM and Ann BARKER; d. Digby, Victoria.

  8. Elizabeth Adelaide MARSHALL c.1909-1947, b. Burnie, Tasmania; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. David Edgar BAUGH, 1919-2001, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Victoria.

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