Walter MURTAGH c.1800-1865
Bridget MILES c.1807-1881

Ireland, VDL(Tasmania), "Muntham" Station, Carapook & Coleraine, S-W Victoria, Australia

Walter MURTAGH c.1800-1865 (MURTA in Irish records), b. Co Meath, Ireland son of ____ and ___ was married in Ireland in 1835 to Bridget MILES c.1807-1881 (also recorded as MOYLES & MYLES), b. ___, Ireland, daughter of Edward MILES and Bridget KEREY.

  • It appears that Walter MURTAGH, his wife Bridget and their children Marcella, Katherine & William and Bridget's neice Mary Ann MILES (who later married John PATCHING in Van Diemen's Land) emigrated on the "Westminster" in 1841 to Port Phillip.
  • Later in 1841 the family moved to Van Diemen's Land for about six years where more children were born.
  • The family appears to have moved back to Port Phillip c.1848 and Walter MURTAGH went to work for Edward HENTY at "Muntham" Station
  • The family later moved to Coleraine where Walter died in 1865 and Bridget died at "Hilgay" Station near Coleraine in 1881.

Walter MURTAGH & Bridget MILES had the following known family:

  1. Marcella MURTAGH 1835-1898, b. Co Meath, Ireland, m. Richard Charles JARRETT 1824-1881, large family in the Coleraine, Balmoral area of S-W Victoria, Australia.

  2. Katherine MURTAGH 1838-1906, b. Co Meath, Ireland, m. John MONTGOMERY 1821-1888, large family at Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

  3. William MURTAGH c.1839-1910, b. Co Meath, Ireland, m.1 Margaret HICKEY c.1843-1864, m.2 Elizabeth HICKEY c.1849-1907, large family at Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

  4. Edward MURTAGH c.1845-1912, b. Launceston, VDL(Tasmania), m. Anastasia MOORE c.1847-1925, family at Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

  5. Patrick MURTAGH 1844-1929, b. Launceston, VDL(Tasmania), m. Margaret SHAW 1848-1919, large family at Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

  6. James MURTAGH 1849-1919, b. Portland, S-W Victoria, m. Annie Heerls BOXER 1858-1910, family at Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

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