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Casterton Suspension Bridge Collapse, 6th September 1920
Death of Peter Herbert McKENZIE 1912-1920
Glenelg River, Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia.
In July 1920 the Suspension Bridge over the Glenelg River at Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia collapsed throwing schoolboys into the swollen Glenelg River. A passerby rode into the river on his Piebald Horse and helped to rescue the boys. Unfortunately one of the boys, Peter McKenzie, aged approximately 8 years old, drowned, his body was found 3 weeks later in the Glenelg river below "The Bluff" near Sandford, S-W Victoria.

Information related to Casterton Historical Society by George Richardson
(formerly of "Coxon Motors") who was a best friend of Peter McKenzie.

Casterton Suspension Bridge 1920

The Family of Peter McKENZIE

Peter Herbert McKENZIE 1912-1920, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria was a son of Robert Herbert McKENZIE 1874-1936, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to Peter McKENZIE and Jane TEMPLE and Clara HUMPHRIES 1884-1969, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria to George HUMPHRIES and Frances Brampton "Fanny" MILLARD.

Robert Herbert McKENZIE and Clara McKENZIE had the following family:

  1. George Ernest McKENZIE 1904-1971 m. Mary Ann DAVIES
  2. Lucy Jane Frances McKENZIE 1907-1992 m.1 John JAMES, m.2 William PRYOR
  3. Robert Oliver McKENZIE 1909-1978 m. Agnes Dorothy Foxall DAVIES
  4. Frances Phyllis Bertha "Fanny" McKENZIE 1910-2001, m. William Charles Desmond RAWLINGS 1908-1986
  5. Peter Herbert McKENZIE
  6. 1912-1920
  7. Vincent Joseph McKENZIE
  8. 1914-1978, m. Myrtle Esther ANDREWS 1917-1980
  9. Ernest Humphries McKENZIE
  10. 1916-1978
  11. Allan Charles McKENZIE
  12. 1918-1976. m. Violet ...?...
  13. John Ross McKENZIE
  14. 1920-1985, m. Lois ...?...
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