Chetwynd District Pioneers, Settlers & History
North of Casterton in south-west Victoria, Australia
Glenelg & Wannon Region, S-W Victoria, Australia
Chetwynd, is a township on the Chetwynd River, a tributary of the Glenelg River, situated north of Casterton in south-west Victoria, Australia. It was surrounded by the pastoral runs of "Bogalara," "Buckle Kupple," "Chetwynd," "Glenmire," "Kadnook," "Mooree" and "Koolomert." The name Chetwynd came from Granville Chetwynd STAPYLTON who was Major MITCHELL's second-in-command on his epic exploration of Western Victoria in 1836 (Ref: "Place Names of Victoria," Les Blake).

"Chetwynd" Pastoral Run was a part of the original "Kout Narin" Pastoral Run occupied by Thomas NORRIS in April 1840. It was later occupied in September 1852 by WILLIS & SWANSTON and taken over in September 1859 by by J. H. CAMPBELL and H. A. ELMS. The original "Kout Narin" Pastoral Run was at later times sub-divided into "Kadnook," "Chetwynd," "Pigeon Ponds," "Mooree," "Kollomert," "Wellat," "Tallangour," and "Buckle Kupple."

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  • ADAMS : Sidney ADAMS c.1847-1895, b. ..., to Sidney ADAMS and Elizabeth DAWES, of Wando Vale (1867), selector of Chetwynd 1872-95, d. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria, m. Ellen MARSH 1857-1940, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to Thomas MARSH and Maria LOCK, d. Goroke, S-W Victoria.
  • BLAKE : Thomas William BLAKE 1832-1907, b. Devonshire, England, to Thomas BLAKE and Elizabeth WILLS, carpenter and wheelwright of Merino, Chetwynd and Noradjuha, d. Noradjuha, S-W Victoria, m. Mary Ann CAPP 1832-1914, b. London, England to William CAPP and Mary Ann ....., d. Horsham, Victoria.
  • BURKE : Robert Bartlett BURKE c.1817-1892, b. France, to William Ulick BURKE & Mary CHRITIAN, appears to be a squatter of "Chetwynd" station before 1846, then from 1846 at "Mount Shadwell" station (Mortlake), d. Melbourne, Victoria. He married in 1843, Melbourne, Colony of Port Phillip to Sara Louisa MONTGOMERY c.1814-1891, b. ..., d. Melbourne, Victoria. 6 children, most emigrated to New Zealand.
  • CAMPBELL : James Henry CAMPBELL 1813-1894, b. Argyllshire, Scotland, to John CAMPBELL & Margaret RANKIN, overlander to Port Phillip in 1838, squatter of "Chetwynd" station 1857-'64 with Hastings Alfred ELMS, d. Portland, S-W Victoria. He married in 1845, Melbourne, Port Phillip to Mary Ann THOMAS c.1824-1895, b. Wales, England, d. Portland, S-W Victoria. 5 children.
  • CARMICHAEL : George CARMICHAEL 1811-1891, b. Renfrewshire, Scotland, to George CARMICHAEL and Mary Ann McPHEE, d. Geelong, Victoria, m. Susan NASH 1830-1873, b. Lancashire, England to Thomas NASH and Elizabeth SUNISTER, d. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria.
  • ELMS : Hastings Alfred ELMS 1832-1910, b. Sussex, England to Rev. Edward ELMS & Jane WYNDHAM, d. Castlemaine, Victoria; Squatter of "Chetwynd" station, later manager of "Glenorchy" station, Merino 1867-'74, m. 1859 "Roseneath" station, near Casterton, S-W Victoria to Janet "Jessie" BEVERIDGE 1838-1899, b. VDL (Tasmania) to Adam BEVERIDGE and Margaret RALSTON.
  • MURRAY : David Hutcheson Francis MURRAY 1849-1919, b. Glenelg River, S-W Victoria, to John MURRAY and Christian HUTCHESON, d. Sale, Victoria, m. Janet TEMPLETON 1859-1945, b. Melbourne, Victoria to James TEMPLETON and Janet Muir KENNEDY, d. Sale, Victoria.
  • NORRIS : Thomas NORRIS ..?..-1849, b. ..., d. "Kebsworth" Station, S-W Victoria, m. 1848 to Jane WEDGE 1815-1887, b. Lincolnshire, England to Edward Davy WEDGE and Lucy KING, d. Melbourne, Victoria. He occupied "Kenilworth" Station 1839-40, on the upper Wannon; "Coortnahring" or "Kout Narin" 1840-46, on the upper Glenelg and "Knebsworth" 1848-49.
  • PICKEN : James PICKEN 1834-1919, b. Ayrshire, Scotland, to Hamilton PICKEN and Jean FULTON, d. Chetwynd district, S-W Victoria, m. Margaret GARDINER 1846-1924, b. Perthshire, Scotland to James GARDINER and Margaret TAYLOR, d. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria.
  • STEWART : George STEWART 1838-1920, b. Inverness-shire, Scotland, to Robert STEWART and Helen DAVIDSON, d. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria, m. 1861 Scotland to Elizabeth "Eliza" McGREGOR c.1840-1877, b. Inverness-shire, Scotland to ......, d. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria. George was a farmer and Glenelg Shire councillor 1896-1906 who arrived in the Chetwynd district c.1869, and had 4 sons and 3 daughters.

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