Condah & Myamyn Settlers & History

Parish of Green Hills in South-west Victoria, Australia

Condah, a rural settlement in the Parish of Green Hills situated on the main road between Hamilton and Portland in south-west Victoria, Australia.

The name Condah does not appear to have been used until after 1850, prior to that it was known as Green Hills.

The first settlers in the area were the squatters and the first Pastoral Runs and Occupiers around in the Condah area were...

  • "Green Hills" - Henry Nicholas LOUGHNAN, 1840
  • "Whittlebury" - John BLAND, 1842
  • "Bassetts" - Christopher BASSETT, 1842
  • "Lake Condon" - George COGHILL, 1843
  • "Crawford" - Henry MONRO, 1843
  • "Greenvale" - John Barclay, Jul 1846

Condah History Resources

  1. Gwen Bennett "Watering Holes of the West", A study of hotels, inns and breweries in the City of Portland and former Shire of Heywood, Victoria, Australia, 1997
  2. Vanda Saville "Dear Friends, They Wept, but Weakened Never" (Condah), 1978
  3. Vanda Saville "Tapestry, Within of the Shire of Portland", 1979

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