Dartmoor District Pioneers & History

Pioneers and Local History from the Glenelg & Wannon Regions of south-west Victoria, Australia.

Dartmoor is a rural hamlet situated on the Glenelg River south of Casterton in South Western Victoria between Portland in Victoria and Mount Gambier in South Australia.
Dartmoor Hotel, south-west Victoria
Photo: Dartmoor Hotel
Michael Greenham is a contact for local history and genealogy of the area and he operates the:
Dartmoor District Museum (external link)
Greenham Street, Dartmoor, Victoria.
Postal Address: PO Box 11, Dartmoor VIC 3304
Telephone: 03 5528 1435
Email: kyndalyn@hotmail.com

Local pages..

Dartmoor First Families

Major Mitchell, 1836
Dartmoor Area Map
Dartmoor Avenue of Honour
Drik Drik Church History
Greenwald Avenue of Honour
Henry Cowland (1849-1942)
Honour Rolls (Dartmoor)
Honour Rolls (Drik Drik)
Town Map & Heritage Trail

External Links..

Dartmoor Cemetery Headstones
Dartmoor District Museum
Drik Drik Cemetery Headstones
Lower Glenelg National Park

Local schools..

Dartmoor SS 1035
Dartmoor North SS 3148
Drik Drik SS 971
Glenaulin & Greenwald SS 2653
Greenwald East SS 4559
Lyons SS 3254
Mumbannar SS 1354
Nelson SS 1615
Puralka SS 4584

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