Henry BARR 1822-1866
Ann BELL 1822-1909

Drumborg (near Heywood), Victoria, Australia

Henry BARR born ca 1822 at Athlone, son of Henry BARR (40th Regiment, British Army) and Sarah CRAIG was married in 1848 at Mt Eckersley, Drumborg, Victoria to Ann BELL, born ca 1822 Co Fermanagh, Ireland daughter of John BELL of Eliza MORROW. Witnesses to the marriage were William & Sarah ROGERS of the Sandford District. It appears that Sarah ROGERS (nee CRAIG) was Henry BARR's mother and that she probaly married William ROGERS sometime after the birth of her child Henry BARR. There is a marriage listed in the IGI between Henry bARR & Sarah CRAIG on 15 Nov 1818, Middle Church, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. This may have been Sarah CRAIG's first marriage.

Henry BARR and Ann BELL had the following children:

  1. John BARR 1849-1909, b. Mount Eckersley, Heywood, Victoria; d. Lyons (near Heywood), Victoria; m. 1878 to Hannah HATHERALL 1853-1934, b. Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria to Henery HATHERALL and Elizabeth ALEXANDER; d. Heywood, Victoria. John BARR was an Inn KEEPER at Spring Creek (Lyons), near Heywood and they had the following family:
    1. William Henry BARR b. 1880, Heywood, Vic, d. 1955;
    2. Beatrice Ann BARR b. 1881, Heywood, Vic;
    3. Ethel Eveline BARR b. 1883, Heywood, Vic, m. Allan Thomas CREEN;
    4. John Alexander 'Alec' BARR b. 1886, Lyons, Vic, m. Rita Mary KEENE / KEENAN;
    5. Ernest James 'Ernie' BARR b. 1888, Vic, m. Florence May SAUNDERS;
    6. Herbert Leslie BARR b. 1889 Heywood, Vic, d. 1966;
    7. Charlotte Adeline BARR b. 1892 Heywood, Vic, m. Francis Robert BARBER;
    8. George Francis BARR b. 1893 Heywood, Vic, d. 1977;

  2. Eliza Jane BARR 1850-1904, b. Mount Eckersley, Heywood, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. Thomas RICHARDS 1848-1929, b. "Kilbride" Station (Strathdownie, Victoria - Penola, SA); d. Perth, Western Australia. Thomas RICHARDS was a farmer of Lyons near Heywood. They had the following children...
    1. Sarah Ann RICHARDS, b. 1875, Condah, Vic
    2. Eliza Jane RICHARDS, b. 1877, Condah, Vic
    3. Maria RICHARDS, b. 1879, Heywood, Vic
    4. George Edward RICHARDS, b. 1881, Heywood, Vic
    5. Margaret RICHARDS, b. 1883, Heywood, Vic
    6. Frances Laura RICHARDS, b. 1885, Heywood, Vic, Aus
    7. Eva May RICHARDS, b. 1887, Heywood, Vic
    8. Ernest Thomas RICHARDS, b. 1889, Heywood, Vic

  3. William Henry BARR b. ca 1852, Heywood, Vic, d. ___, m. Janet Ellen GENTLES ca 1855-?. They had the following family:
    1. Henry BARR, b. 1872, Heywood, Vic
    2. John Gentles BARR, b. 1873, Condah, Vic
    3. William BARR, b. 1875, Heywood, Vic
    4. Agnes Ann BARR, b. 1877, Heywood, Vic, d. 1883, Condah, Vic
    5. Francis Lawrence BARR, b. 1879, Heywood, Vic
    6. James Alford BARR, b. 1882, Condah, Vic
    7. Annie May BARR, b. 1883, Condah, Vic, m. ___ SMITH
    8. Georgina Maud BARR, b. 1885, d. 1886, Heywood, Vic
    9. Marratto Myrtle BARR, b. 1888, Heywood, Vic
    10. Harold Leslie BARR, b. 1892, Heywood, Vic
    11. Lucilla Evelyn BARR, b. 1889, Heywood, Vic
    12. Clarence Maltray BARR, b. ca 1898 ___

  4. Sarah Ann BARR b. ca 1854, Heywood, Vic, d. 1870

  5. Maria BARR b. 1856, Heywood, Vic, d. ___, m. David Thomas RICHARDS ca 1850-? and had the followinh known family:
    1. George Edward RICHARDS, b. 1882, Branxholme, Vic
    2. Sarah Ann RICHARDS, b. 1885, d, 1885, Branxholme, Vic

  6. James BARR b. 1858, Heywood, Vic, d. ___, m. Susan PRITCHARD ca 1860-? and had the following known family:
    1. Frank James BARR, b. 1884, Rutherglen, Vic
    2. Alice May BARR, b. 1885, Rutherglen, Vic
    3. William Henry BARR, b. 1887, d. 1887, Rutherglen, Vic

  7. George BARR 1860-1944 & Susan McLELLAN 1869-1963
    George BARR b. 1860 Lyons, Victoria, son of Henry BARR and Ann BELL married in 1889 to Susan McLELLAN b. 1869 Drik Drik, Victoria, daughter of David McLELLAN and Mary E ESLER. George was a land selector at Lower Crawford, near Hotspur and they had the following family:
    1. Nellie BARR b. 1891, Hotspur, Vic, m. Herbert Theodore SALMON;
    2. Henry Victor BARR b. 1892, Hotspur, Vic;
    3. David Lawrence BARR b. 1893, Hotspur, Vic, m. Olive Adelaide BEESON ;
    4. Gordon BARR b. 1895, Hotspur, Vic, m. Catherine Mary PEVITT;
    5. Susan Frances Mary BARR b. 1896 Hotspur, Vic, m. Frederick George BRIMACOMBE;
    6. Catherine Minnie BARR b. 1898 Hotspur, Vic, m. John Cameron HUTCHINS;
    7. Effie Annie Esler BARR b. 1900 Hotspur, Vic, m. Percival William WARD;
    8. George Harold BARR b. 1902 Hotspur, Vic, m. Florence Beatrice SMITH;
    9. Mona Lillian BARR b. 1904 Hotspur, Vic, m. Heinrich Gustave SCHNEIDER;
    10. Francis Leslie BARR b. 1906 Hotspur, Vic, Sylvia Ethel MACKLEY;
    11. Ivy Georgina BARR b. 1907 Hotspur, Vic, d. 1986, Wedderburn, Vic., m1. Roger Crawford Sutton FYFE 1913-1943 (died as POW, Hainan Island, China), m2. Lindsay Gordon BURGE 1897-1971;
    12. Keith Esler BARR b. 1909 Hamilton, Vic, m. Muriel THOMAS;
    13. Edna Vida BARR b. 1911 Hamilton, Vic, m. Oliver Andrew WILSON;
    14. Jean Esler BARR b. 1913 Hamilton, Vic, m. Walter PELCHEN;
    15. Dorothy McLellan BARR b. 1915 Hamilton, Vic, mar. ? VILA.

  8. Francis Lawrence BARR b. 1862, Heywood, Vic, d. ___

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