Thomas BIGGIN 1811-1898
Ellenora HAYWOOD 1807-1854

Yorkshire, Englnd; Co Limerick, Ireland; Digby; "Muntham" Station (Carapook); Goroke, S-W Victoria

Thomas BIGGIN, b. 1811, Sheffield, Yorkshire, son of Henry BIGGIN and Elizabeth BRAMMER and his wife Ellenora HAYWOOD, b. 1807, Sheffield, Yorkshire, daughter of John HAYWOOD & Elizabeth BIGGIN arrived at Portland in 1852 on the "Emma Eugenia" along with their three known children:

  1. Joseph Heywood BIGGIN, b. 1837 Yorkshire, m. Bridget DARCY & Honora O'DOWD
  2. Thomas BIGGIN, b. 1838 Derbyshire, m. Susan CARRISON
  3. Henry BIGGN, b. 1842, Derbyshire, m. Sarah McLEOD
Ellenora BIGGIN died in 1854 and according to oral family history was buried on "Muntham" Station, Carapook, near Casterton, S-W Victoria.

Thomas BIGGIN then married Margaret McCORMICK, born 1811, Co Clare, Ireland, a widow, previously married to John DARCY. John DARCY and Margaret McCORMICK had a daughter Bridget DARCY who married Joseph Haywood BIGGIN in Hamilton in 1857. There were no children from the second marriage with Thomas BIGGIN.

  1. Joseph Haywood BIGGIN 1837-1907 & Bridget DARCY 1836-1876

    Joseph H. BIGGIN selected land in 1865 near Digby which he called "Normanton Hill".

    Joseph Haywood BIGGIN b. 1837 Sheffield, Yorkshire married 1857 Hamilton, Vic to Bridget DARCY b. 1836 Limerick, Ireland, daughter of John DARCY and Margaret McCORMICK and they had the following children:

    1. Joseph Haywood BIGGIN b. 1858 Merino, m. 1883, Digby, Vic. Annie Maria HICKLETON 1860-1948;
      1. Elizabeth May BIGGIN b. 1884, Edenhope, Vic, d. 1980, Merino, Vic., m. Henry "Harry" GUTHRIDGE 1883-1959;
      2. Clara Catherine BIGGIN b. 1885, Karnak, West Wimmera, Vic, d. 1969, Merino, Vic., m. David MILLER 1885-1956;
      3. John Thomas 'Jack' BIGGIN b. 1886, Karnak, West Wimmera, Vic.
      4. Kathleen Sarah BIGGIN b. 1888, Goroke, Vic, d. 1979, Geelong, Vic., m. Charles Robert COWLEY 1878-1948;
      5. George William BIGGIN b. 1891, Goroke, Vic, d. 1926, Digby, Vic;
      6. Edith Mary BIGGIN b. 1894, Digby, Vic, d. ___, m. William George HEAZLEWOOD 1884-1962;
      7. Eva BIGGIN b. 1895, Digby, Vic, d. 1986, Warrnambool, Vic., m. Herbert Stanley MOON 1899-1976;
      8. Percival Robert BIGGIN b. 1897, Digby, Vic, d. 1890s, Ararat, Vic. (Magistrate in Western Victoria);
      9. Dorothy BIGGIN b. 1901, Digby, Vic, d. 1992, ___, m. Mervyn Errol McKenna KERR 1900-1969;

    2. Henry BIGGIN b. 1860 Merino, Vic, m. Eglantine Agnes HICKS;
      1. Ellen Louisa BIGGIN b. 1886, Goroke, Vic
      2. Elizabeth BIGGIN b. 1888, Goroke, Vic
      3. John Heywood BIGGIN b. 1891, Goroke, Vic
      4. Margaret BIGGIN b. 1893, Goroke, Vic
      5. George Arthur BIGGIN b. 1895, Goroke, Vic
      6. Sydney Oliver BIGGIN b. 1898, Goroke, Vic

    3. Eleanor BIGGIN b. 1862 Merino, m. James McAuley BLACK;
      1. John James BLACK b. 1884, ___, Vic
      2. James Haywood BLACK b. 1887, Condah, Vic, m. Annie Inglis DUNNE
      3. Robert BLACK b. 1889, Condah, Vic
      4. Ellen BLACK b. 1891, Condah, Vic
      5. Thomas BLACK b. 1893, Condah, Vic

    4. John Darcy BIGGIN b. 1865 Merino, d. 1881;

    5. Thomas BIGGIN b. 1868 Digby;

    6. Margaret BIGGIN b. 1870 Merino, m. John MADDEN;

    7. Sarah Elizabeth BIGGIN b. 1872 Digby, d. 1949;

    8. George Albert BIGGIN b. 1875 Digby, m. Clara Perry SIMKIN.

    Bridget died in 1876 and Joseph then married Honora O'DOWD who was previously married to a BIRCH. Joseph and Honora had one child:

    1. James Martin BIGGIN 1877-1970, b. Digby, Victoria; d. Mooroopna, Victoria; m. 1910 to Catherine McINTOSH 1891-1962, b. Digby, Victoria to Duncan McINTOSH and Margaret MORRISON; d. Mooroopna, Victoria. 2 children.

    J. H. BIGGIN was listed as one of the buyers of the first Digby town allotments.

  2. Thomas BIGGIN 1838-1885 & Susan CARRISON 1838-1899

    Thomas BIGGIN b. 1838 Derbyshire married 1858, "Nigretta" Station (near Hamilton), Victoria to Susan CARRISON b. 1838 Norfolk, England, daughter of Robert CARRISON and Catherine CASON.

    This family appears to have moved from Victoria to Western Australia in the early 1870s. Many of the children remained in Western Australia.

    Thomas BIGGIN & Susan CARRISON had the following children:

    1. Roger Dodwin CARRISON b. ca 1855, Portland, Vic, m. Margaret McCORMACK;
    2. Jessie BIGGIN b. 1859 Portland, Vic, m. William Angus McLEOD;
    3. Clara BIGGIN b. 1861 Portland, Vic, m. Walter Robert KNIGHT;
    4. Thomas BIGGIN b. 1862 Belfast, Vic, m1. Margaret RYAN, m2. Ellen Hanora PALMER;
    5. Eleanor BIGGIN b. 1864 Belfast, Vic, m. John WILSON;
    6. Susan BIGGIN b. 1866 Belfast, Vic, d. 1867;
    7. Agnes Louisa BIGGIN b. 1868 Belfast, Vic, m. Gilbert Andrew AITKEN;
    8. Edith BIGGIN b. 1870 Harrow, Vic, m. Arthur Stephen MUNYARD;
    9. Herbert William BIGGIN b. 1872 Merino, Vic, m. Susan Elizabeth ROBINS.
    10. Blanche BIGGIN b. 1875 Perth, WA, m. Robert DON;

  3. Henry BIGGIN 1842-1918 & Sarah McLEOD 1856-1944

    Henry BIGGIN b. 1842 Derbyshire married 1873, Vic to Sarah McLEOD b. 1856 Harrow, Vic and they had the following children:

    1. Ellenora Annie BIGGIN b. ca 1874, Merino;
    2. Mary Elizabeth BIGGIN b. 1876, Horsham;
    3. Sarah Eleanor BIGGIN b. 1878, Horsham;
    4. Thomas Henry BIGGIN b. 1881, Horsham;
    5. Phillip Malcolm Heywood BIGGIN b. 1884, Horsham;

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