Andrew BOURKE & Ellen ?, & Judith WALSH & Mary O'BRIEN

Ireland; Dartmoor & Hostspur, S-W Victoria, Australia

Andrew BOURKE, squatter from "Limestone Ridge" Pastoral Run, Dartmoor, S-W Victoria died in the "Rising Sun" Hotel at Hotspur in 1862 and was buried in the Hotspur Cemetery.

It appears that Andrew's first wife Ellen died on the ship on the way out from Ireland in the 1840's. Andrew then appears to have married a Johanna / Judith WALSH in 1845.

Andrew had a third marriage to a Mary O'BRIEN in 1851. Children from the marriage with Judith / Johanna WALSH were:

  1. John BOURKE b. 1847, Portland Bay, Vic;
  2. John BOURKE b. 1848, Portland Bay, Vic;
  3. Johanna BOURKE b. 1851, Mt Gambier, SA, mar John DOYLE.

Daryl Povey

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