William BUCKLE 1813-1895
Jane ARMIN 1816-1874

Yorkshire, England ; "Rifle Ranges" Station & "Digby Hotel", Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

William BUCKLE b. 1813, Sinderby, Yorkshire, son of John and Hannah BUCKLE was married in 1837 at Topcliffe, Yorkshire to Jane ARMIN b. 1816, South Kilvington, Yorkshire, dau of Thomas and Ann ARMIN.

William BUCKLE, wife Jane and son Thomas arrived as free migrants on 22 November 1842 on the "Royal Saxon" at Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania).

Additional children were born in Tasmania in Victoria.

William BUCKLE was a squatter on "Rifle Ranges" Station near Digby, S-W Victoria from Nov 1850.

The second Inn in Digby known as the "Digby Hotel" was built for William BUCKLE who owned "Rifle Ranges Station" in 1856. It was taken over by his son Thomas BUCKLE in 1863.

W. BUCKLE was listed as one of the buyers of the first Digby town allotments.

William and Jane BUCKLE had the following known children:

  1. Thomas BUCKLE b. 1840, Yorkshire, England, d. 1924 Colac, Victoria, m.1 in 1863 to Elizabeth Mary CURTIS 1839-1875, b. Dublin, Ireland, d. 1875, Digby, S-W Victoria. Thomas BUCKLE took over the "Digby Hotel" in 1863.
    Thomas BUCKLE & Elizabeth Mary CURTIS had 4 children...
    1. Elizabeth Mary "Bessie" BUCKLE, b. 1864, Digby, S-W Vic, m. Andrew BOYD 1860-1934.
    2. Thomas Henry BUCKLE, b. 1866, Digby, Vic., d. 1954, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. Elizabeth Maria MILLER 1869-1957, b. Merino, S-W Vic., d. Hamilton, S-W Vic.
    3. George BUCKLE, b. 1867, Digby, S-W Vic, m. Elspeth WHYTE 1868-1918 and had the following children...
      1. Reginald George BUCKLE b. 1891, Merino, Vic, d. 1918, France
      2. Stella May BUCKLE b. 1893, Merino, Vic
      3. Frank Ronald BUCKLE b. 1895, Merion, Vic, d. 1916, France
      4. Redvers Stanley BUCKLE b. 1900, d. 1900 Merino, Vic
      5. Fergus Whyte BUCKLE b. 1901, Merino, Vic, m. Mary BLAIR
      6. Percival John BUCKLE b. 1904, Merino, Vic
      7. Leslie Arnold BUCKLE b. 1906, Merino, Vic
      8. Cecil Henry BUCKLE b. 1909, Merino, Vic
      9. Gladys Elsie BUCKLE b. 1912, Merino, Vic, m. Bertram Reece TUCKER
    4. John Joseph BUCKLE, b. 1869, Digby, Vic. m. Ellen Elizabeth KELLY

    After the death of his first wife at Digby, S-W Victoria in 1875, Thomas BUCKLE 1840-1924, next married at Digby, S-W Victoria in 1876 to Anna Maria Sophia THOMAS 1852-1912 b. Exeter, England, d. 1912, Colac, Victoria and had 6 children...

    1. Olive May BUCKLE 1877-1973, b. Digby, S-W Vic., d. 1973, Vic., m. Charles OWEN 1861-1934
    2. Florence Catherine BUCKLE 1879-1956, b. Digby, S-W Vic, d. Melbourne, Vic., m.1 to Herbert Andrew HOLLARD 1879-1906, m.2 to James John PHILLIPS ...?
    3. Alfred William Walter BUCKLE1881-1919 b. Digby, S-W Vic, d. Bendigo, Vic., m. Alice Mary ROBERTSON 1885-1925
    4. Nora Mabel BUCKLE 1883-1968 b. Digby, S-W Vic., d. Colac, Vic., m. Robert Franklin WATTS 1881-1971
    5. Leonard Clarence BUCKLE 1885-1976, b. Digby, S-W Vic, d. Melbourne, Vic., m. Janet Lawson MOODIE 1876-1923
    6. Linda Clarice BUCKLE 1893-1967, b. Casterton, S-W Vic, d. Melbourne, Vic., m. ..?.. ELLISON

  2. John BUCKLE b. 1842, d. 1842, at sea "Royal Saxon"

  3. Jane BUCKLE b. 1844, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), d. 1918, Heywood, S-W Vic m John LEWIS;

  4. Hannah BUCKLE b, 1846 Redruth (Wannon), d. 1924, Heywood, S-W Vic., m. George PRICE 1842-1924;

  5. George BUCKLE b. 1850, Digby, S-W Vic., d. 1858, Digby, S-W Vic;

  6. William BUCKLE b. 1852, Digby, S-W Vic., d. Queensland, m Sarah Ann Butcher CONDON 1844-1891, b. Somersetshire, England to Enoch CONDON and Emma KIMBER, d. Portland, S-W Victoria, 6 children...
    1. Francis Henry BUCKLE 1874-1881, b. Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. Portland, S-W Vic.
    2. Frederick George BUCKLE 1876-1954, b. 1876, "Kangaroo" Station, Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. Collie, Western Australia, m. Annie Teresa McCLOUGHEN c.1875-1951, b. NZ, d. Western Australia, 10 children
    3. Samuel Charles BUCKLE 1878-1942, b. Heywood, S-W Vic., d. Collie, Western Australia
    4. Alfred Arthur William BUCKLE 1880-1935, b. 1880, Heywood, S-W Vic., d. Western Australia
    5. Hugh Francis Armin BUCKLE 1883-1927, b. 1883, Portland, S-W Vic., d. 1927, NSW. m. Daisy Christina CONDON 1890-1976
    6. Anna Emily Linda May BUCKLE 1886-1960, b. 1886, Myamyn, S-W Vic., d. perth, WA, m. Walter LAY c.1866-1953

  7. John BUCKLE b. 1853 d. 1853, Digby, S-W Vic.

  8. Infant BUCKLE b. 1856 d. 1856, Digby, S-W Vic

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