Hugh "Ewen" CAMERON c.1823-1895
Christian "Christy" CAMERON 1831-1914

Strontian, Argyll, and Lochyside, Inverness, Scotland; "Kilbride" Strathdownie, Merino & Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia

Hugh & Christian Cameron Sandford Cemetery Hugh "Ewen" CAMERON c.1823-1895, b. Strontian (on Loch Sunart), Scotland, son of Allan CAMERON and Mary CAMERON was married in Dec 1853 at Fort William, Inverness, Scotland to Christian "Christy" CAMERON 1831-1914, b. Lochyside (on Loch Linnhe), Scotland, daughter of John CAMERON and Flora CAMERON.

Hugh and Christian CAMERON arrived at Portland, Australia in Jan 1855 on the "Derry Castle" and were employed by the McEACHERN family of "Heathfield" Station, Strathdownie (near the SA border).

Later they lived at "Kilbride" Station (near SA border); Dwyer's Creek, near Merino and acquired land at "The Bluff" Runnymede, between Sandford and Merino.

Hugh and Christian CAMERON were buried in the Sandford Cemetery in 1895 and 1914 respectively.

Hugh "Ewen" CAMERON & Christian CAMERON had the following known family...

  1. Catherine Ann CAMERON 1856-1939, b. Limestone Ridge (Penola), South Australia; d. Merino, Victoria; m. 1875 The Bluff (near Sandford), Victoria; to Edwin HUSSON 1845-1914, b. Devonshire, England to ..?.. HUSSON and Jane SHORT; Farmer of Merino, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; 8 childen.

  2. Flora Olive CAMERON 1858-1939, b. "Heathfield" Station, Strathdownie, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1880 Victoria to Andrew Oliver ANDISON 1857-1929, b. Portland, Victoria to James ANDISON and Isabella OLIVER; Farmer of Sandford, Victoria; d. Bendigo, Victoria; 9 children

  3. Mary Martha CAMERON 1860-1897, b. "Heathfield" Station, Strathdownie, Victoria; d. Digby, Victoria; m. 1884 Victoria to Joseph Stephen GULL 1857-1938, b. Digby, Victoria to Joseph GULL and Ann SAWYER; labourer of Sandford and Digby; d. 1938, Digby, Victoria; 6 children.

  4. Charles Alexander CAMERON 1861-1935, b. "Kilbride" Station, Strathdownie (near SA border); d. Mount Graham (near Millicent), South Australia; m. 1889 "Avenue" Station (near Millicent), South Australia to Mary STEELE 1869-1937, b. Port MacDonnell, South Australia to Alexander STEELE and Mary LIVINGSTONE; d. Millicent, South Australia; 9 children.

  5. Ewen McEachern CAMERON 1863-1955, b. "Kilbride" Station, Strathdownie (near SA border); of The Bluff (Sandford) Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1912 Dwyer's Creek, Victoria to Theodora "Dora" COULSON 1882-1947, b. Dwyer's Creek (Merino-Sandford), Victoria to Francis Stubbs COULSON and Harriet Martha DIWELL; d. Hamilton, Victoria; 8 children.

  6. John "Jack" CAMERON 1865-1938, b. "Kilbride" Station, Strathdownie (near SA border); of The Bluff (Sandford) Victoria; d. Merino, Victoria;

  7. Rebecca Ann Coulson CAMERON 1867-1958, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Condah, Victoria; m. 1896 Victoria to John Alexander URQUHART 1864-1939, b. Condah, Victoria to Alexander Wilson URQUHART and Euphemia McDONALD; d. Hamilton, Victoria; 3 children.

  8. Angus CAMERON 1867-1867, b. and d. 1867, Merino, Victoria;

  9. Christina Sarah CAMERON 1867-1963, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. 1892 The Bluff, Sandford, Victoria to Friedrich Franz NOLTE 1864-1953, b. Digby, Victoria to Christoph NOLTE and Maria HACH; d. Merino, Victoria; 8 children.

  10. Alexandrina "Alley" CAMERON 1870-1952, b. The Bluff, Sandford, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria.

  11. Allan CAMERON 1871-1937, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Mount Gambier, South Australia; m. 1899 Victoria to Mary ORR 1869-1934, b. Sandford, Victoria to Neil ORR and Catherine McLEAN; 8 children at Merino, Sandford & Mount Gambier.

  12. Donald CAMERON 1873-1875, b. and d. Merino, Victoria.

  13. William Charles Ewen CAMERON 1875-1959, b. Merino, Victoria; Drover, resided in NSW, QLD and NZ; d. Mount Gambier, South Australia; m. ..?...

  14. Martin CAMERON 1881-1881, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Sandford, Victoria.

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