John Walter Brundell COOPER c.1829-1873
Johanna McCARTHY c.1827-1895

Suffolk, England; Co Limerick, Ireland; Portland and Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

John COOPER c.1829-1873, born Suffolk, England to John Brundell COOPER and Mary Maria SMITH. In 1855 he was recorded as a seaman (mariner), aged 28y, born Suffolk, England. John died in 1873 at the Hamilton Benevolent Asylum aged 42y and was buried in the Hamilton cemetery.

Johanna McCARTHY c.1827-1895, born Co Limerick, Ireland to Michael McCARTHY and Mary DANAHER. In 1853 she arrived at Portland, Victoria as a domestic servant, aged 26y, on the ship "New Zealander" along with her mother and many siblings. In 1855 she was recorded as a domestic servant, aged 26y, of Portland, Victoria.

Johanna COOPER, widow, married Joseph POVEY, a widower, in 1874. She died at Digby, S-W Victoria in 1895.

On 4 July 1855 at All Saints' Church, Portland John Walter COOPER and Johanna McCARTHY were married and had the following family at Digby or Merio, S-W Victoria....

  1. Child COOPER c.1856-c.1857.;

  2. John Walter COOPER 1858-1946, b. Merino, Victroia; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1890 to Emily SHEPHERD 1866-1943, b. Ballarat, Victoria to John Charles SHEPHERD and Elizabeth Davey DUNSTAN; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 5 children.

  3. Catherine COOPER 1861-1880, b. Digby, S-W Victoria; d. Digby, S-W Victoria;

  4. William "Bill" COOPER 1864-1936, b. Digby, S-W Victoria; d. Digby, S-W Victoria; m. 1900 to Matilda "Martha" HANCOCK 1880-1958, b. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria to Thomas HANCOCK and Emma CLARKE; d. Hamilton, Victoria; 13 children.

  5. Richard COOPER 1867-1948, b. Digby, S-W Victoria; d. Ballarat, Victoria; m. Bridget SULLIVAN 1871-1954, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to William SULLIVAN and Margaret RYAN; d. Warburton, Victoria; 4 children...
    1. William John COOPER, b. 1897, Digby, Vic, d. 1942
    2. Eugene Richard COOPER, b. 1899, Digby, Vic;
    3. Catherine Jean COOPER, b. 1900, Digby, Vic;
    4. Cleave Rowland McCarthy COOPER, b. 1906, Digby, Vic.

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