John Archibald COTTER 1870-1948
Caroline Elizabeth McCALLUM 1870-1938

Carapook & Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

John Archibald COTTER b. Carapook, Vic 1870, son of Michael COTTER and Catherine McINTOSH was married in 1891, Victoria to Caroline Elizabeth McCALLUM, b. 1870 Digby, Victoria, daughter of Donald McCALLUM & Caroline BEST and they had the following family:

  1. William Alexander COTTER b. 1891, Carapook, S-W Vic, d. 1941, Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. Eva Lilian AYERS 1894- ?

  2. Irene Mary COTTER b. 1893, Digby, Vic, d. 1958, Merino S-W Vic., m. William Alfred "Bill" OWENS 1893-1956, b. 1893, Wittlesea, Melbourne, d. Merino, S-W Vic.;

  3. Archibald COTTER b. 1897, Digby, S-W Vic., d. 1952, Merino, S-W Vic., m. Ivy Jane MARSHALL c. 1898-1983, b. Tasmania, d. Casterton, S-W Vic;

  4. Kathleen "Kooee" COTTER b. 1900, Casterton, Vic, d. 1962, Melbourne, Vic., m. Arthur PROCTOR 1905- ?;

  5. Donald COTTER b. 1903, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1968, m. Myrtle Ivy OWENS 1905-1986;

  6. Charles McIntosh COTTER b. 1905 Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1978 Coleraine, S-W Vic., m. Rachael SHADY 1907-1985, b. Muntham, S-W Victoria.;

  7. Catherine "Kit" COTTER b. 1908, Casterton, S-W Vic, d. 1989, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. Russell James "Jim" GRINHAM 1904-1969, of Carapook, S-W Vic.;

  8. John Malcolm "Jack" COTTER b. 1911, Carapook, S-W Vic., d. 1983, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. Mabel "Maisie" SCOTT 1914-1986;

  9. James Richard "Jim" COTTER b. 1914, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1991, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. Gwen MUNRO 1919- ?, of carapook & Casterton, S-W Vic.

Daryl Povey

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