George COUTTS ~1815-1852
Mary PEGGIE 1813-1876

Scotland ; Strathdownie ; Inglewood; etc., Victoria, Australia

George COUTTS, b. ~1815 Scotland, son of ___ COUTTS and ___, was married in 1834 at Dron, Perthshire, Scotland to Mary PEGGIE, b. 1813, Fifeshire, Scotland, daughter of John PEGGIE and Margaret CORBETT.

George & Mary COUTTS, along with 4 children arrived at Port Phillip in 1842. A further 5 children were born in the colony of Port Phillip.

George COUTTS & family occupied the East Strathdownie Pastoral Lease from 1851 to 1856. During this period George was drowned when crossing the Maribyrnong River, at Keilor, near Melborne, Victoria, Australia in 1852.

Mary COUTTS, nee PEGGIE, widow of George COUTTS was married again in 1858 to Alexander FORBES, and she died at Inglewood, Victoria in 1876.

George COUTTS and Mary PEGGIE had the following family:

  1. John COUTTS b. 1834, Fifeshire, Scotland, m. .....;
  2. Mary COUTTS b. 1835, Fifeshire, Scotland, m. Thomas STEWART;
  3. George COUTTS b. 1838, Fifeshire, Scotland, m. .....;
  4. Ann COUTTS b. 1841, Glasgow, Scotland, m. Benjamin RINDER;
  5. David COUTTS b. 1844, Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW m. .....;
  6. Jane COUTTS b. 1845, Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW, m. .....;
  7. Catherine COUTTS b. 1848, Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW, m. Alexander GRAY;
  8. James COUTTS b. 1849, Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW, m. .....;
  9. Robert COUTTS b. 1851, Melbourne, Victoria, m. .....;

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