James CRAWFORD c1812-1848

1845, Squatter of "Rifle Downs", Digby, Portland Bay, Colony of NSW

James CRAWFORD b. c1812, ___ son of ___ CRAWFORD and ___ .

James CRAWFORD occupied "Rifle Downs" Pastoral Run near Digby in the Portland Bay District from 1845 until his death at Portland in August 1848. He is also listed as the occupier of "Cheviot Hills" 1840-6 and "Eumerella" 1845-6.

In 1849 James CRAWFORD is named as occupying land joining Duncan McRAE's "Pleasant Hills" Pastoral Run at Digby. From the "Port Phillip Gazette", 1849, page 147.

"Leases Granted.
No. 199 - Duncan McRAE. Name of Run, "Pleasant Hill". Estimated area, 12000 acres. Estimated Grazing Capacity, 5000 sheep. Bounded by H. MUNRO on the south by a line running ENE 3.3/4 miles: by Duncan McINTYRE on the east by a line running north by west 3 miles 3 chains: by COLDHAM Brothers on the east by a line running north west 6 chain: by Duncan McRAE by a line running west by 1 mile by Alexander ROSE by a line running west 3 mile: by James CRAWFORD by a line running south west 3 miles: by the same south east by east 2 mile: by the same by line running south east by south 1 mile and 7 chains."

Daryl Povey

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