Joseph GULL 1830-1893
Ann SAWYER 1827-1903

Lincolnshire, England & Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

Joseph GULL and family arrived at Portland, S-W Victoria, from England, on 12 Nov 1852 on the "Helen", and came to Digby about 1854 where Joseph GULL selected 60 acres of land on Blackfellow Creek. Further information indicates that Joseph GULL b. 1830 Lincolnshire, England, the son of Joseph GULL and Hannah FULCHER and was married in 1849 in Lincolnshire to Ann SAWYER b. 1827 Lincolnshire, England, daughter of Daniel SAWYER and _____.

Ann SAWYER was a widow when she married Joseph GULL as she had been previously married to Edward Henry CLARKE, a British soldier in Ireland, and they had one child Edward CLARKE, the father died and Edward the son who came to Portland, S-W Victoria, with his new family on the "Helen".

M. G. and S. GULL were listed as some of the buyers of the first Digby town allotments.

Joseph GULL & Ann SAWYER had the following children:

  1. Hannah GULL b. 1851, d. 1852, Lincolnshire, England;

  2. Helen GULL b. 1853, at sea "Helen," d. 1942, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. Frederick PERRY 1854-1942;

  3. Susan Mary GULL b. 1855, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1906, Digby, Vic., m. Michael Thomas WATERS 1856-1902;

  4. Martin GULL b. 1856 Digby, Vic, d. 1895, Poolaijelo, West of casterton, Vic., m1. Sophia CROSS 1857-1884; m2 Mary "Meta" Ethel HALE 1863-1950;

    1. William Joseph GULL b. 1877, Digby, Vic m. Kath WINTER

    2. Ella May GULL b. 1879 Digby, Vic, m. Martin HOLLAND

    3. Annie Emily Elizabeth GULL b. 1881, Digby, Vic m. William John ROBERTSON

    4. Martin George GULL b. 1883, Digby, Vic, m Ulyear Ann 'Totti' WOMBWELL

    5. Edward Alexander GULL b. 1887, Digby, Vic

    6. Russell Sawyer GULL b. 1889, Digby, Vic

    7. Herbert James Johnson GULL b. 1890, Dergholm, Vic;

    8. Beatrice Maud GULL b. 1892 Casterton, Vic.

  5. Joseph Stephen GULL b. 1857 Digby, S-W Vic., d. 1938, Digby, m. Mary Martha CAMERON 1860-1897;

    1. Levinia GULL b. 1885, Digby, Vic, m. ____ MAPLE;

    2. Ewen Martin GULL b. 1887, Digby, Vic, d. 1892;

    3. Joseph Stephen GULL b. 1889, Digby, Vic

    4. Catherine Christian GULL b. 1891, Digby, Vic, m. James MURRELL;

    5. Clarence Sawyer GULL b. 1894, Digby, Vic, m. Harriet COULSON;

    6. William Angus GULL b. 1896, Digby, Vic

  6. Ann Elizabeth GULL b. 1859 Digby, Vic, d. 1885, m. William Chalk BAUDINETTE 1856-1905;

  7. Isabella Rachel GULL b. 1861 Digby, Vic, d. 1928, Digby, S-W Vic. She had a daughter...
    1. Isabella Florence GULL b. 1896, Digby, Vic, d. 1962, m. Thomas Stanley SIMKIN 1890-1962;

  8. Hannah Margaret GULL b. 1863 Digby, Vic, d. 1962, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. John Thomas HORNIBROOK 1865-1938.

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