George Gilbert "Giles" HOLLARD 1817-1912 & Mary Ann RICHARDS 1820-1894

Somersetshire, England; Portland, "Muntham" station; Branxholme & Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

Giles HOLLARD b. 1817, Deveonshire, christened at Kingsdon, Somersetshire, England, son of James HOLLARD and Love NAISH was married in 1841 in Somersetshire, England to Mary Ann RICHARDS b. 1820 Somersetshire, England.

Giles & Mary Ann HOLLARD and 3 children emigrated to Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia in 1849 on the "British Empire" after which more children were born.

Giles was employed by Edward HENTY on his "Muntham" station and two of his sons (Charles & John) appear to have been born at Merino in south-west Victoria and also raised their own families in this location.

Giles & family reurned to Portland, his wife Mary Ann died there in 1894 and Giles died at his son's (Frank) residence at Wallacedale North in 1912.

Some members of the family appear to have moved north to New South Wales.

Giles HOLLARD & Mary Ann RICHARDS had the following known family:

  1. Jane Love HOLLARD b. 1844, Somersetshire, England, d. 1923, Ballarat, Vic, m. 1870 to Edmund Josiah ROWLINSON, b. Cambridgeshire, England and d. _____? and had some children at Condah in the 1870s.;

  2. George HOLLARD b. c.1845, Somersetshire, England, m. Harriet FITZGIBBON, b. 1846 Portland, Vic and had the following family who must have moved away from Victoria during or after the 1880s;
    1. Edelina HOLLARD, b. 1868, d. 1869, Branxholme, Vic
    2. Keziah Ann HOLLARD, b. 1869, Portland, Vic
    3. George Henry HOLLARD, b. 1871, Harrow, Vic
    4. Charles William HOLLARD, b. 1872, Merino, Vic
    5. Alfred HOLLARD, b. 1877, Hotham, Vic
    6. Adeline Kate Harriet HOLLARD, b. 1879, Ararat, Vic
    7. Frances Etta HOLLARD, b. 1881, d. 1882, Ballarat, Vic
    8. Bertie William HOLLARD, b. 1883, Ballarat, Vic
    9. Albert Edward HOLLARD, b. ca 1886, _____, m. 1917, Elizabeth ARTHUR

  3. Caroline HOLLARD b. 1848, Somersetshire, England, d. 1915, Melbourne, Vic, m. Edward STAFF 1838-1901 and they had a large family in the portland and Ballarat areas in the 1860s, 70s and 80s.;

  4. John HOLLARD b. ~1850, Merino, Vic, d. ____, m. 1876 to Mary GRANT 1853-1925, daughter of James GRANT and Euphemia McQUEEN and had the following family...;
    1. Caroline HOLLARD, b. 1877, Merino, Vic, d. 1945, Warragul, Vic, m. 1909 Walter Edward BRYCE 1886-1959
    2. Ellen Mary HOLLARD, b. 1879, Merino, Vic, d. 1963, Horsham, Vic, m. 1904 Albert HOSKINS
    3. Effie Linda HOLLARD, b. 1879, Merino, Vic, d. 1922, Horsham, Vic, m. 1909 to John BRUGGY 1880-1954
    4. Ethel Jane HOLLARD, b. 1881, Merino, Vic, d. 1974, Hamilton, Vic, m. ____ STEVENS
    5. Annie HOLLARD, b. 1882, d. 1883 Merino, Vic
    6. Esther Mary HOLLARD, b. 1884, d. 1885 Merino, Vic
    7. Albert George HOLLARD, b. 1887, Merino, Vic, d. 1924, St Arnaud, Vic, m. Matilda DONOHUE
    8. Edith Snowdrop HOLLARD, b. 1888, Merino, Vic, d. 1985, Mildura, Vic
    9. Eveline HOLLARD, b. 1890, Merino, Vic, d. 1952, Royal Park, Vic

  5. Charles Henry HOLLARD b. ~1854, Merino, Vic, d. _____, m. 1875 to Margaret GRANT 1854-1933, daughter of James GRANT and Euphemia McQUEEN and had the following known family...;
    1. James HOLLARD, b. 1876, Merino, Vic, d. 1914, Merino, Vic
    2. Charles Henry HOLLARD, b. 1877, Merino, Vic, d. ____, m. ____
    3. Herbert Andrew HOLLARD, b. 1879, Merino, Vic, d. 1906, Echuca, Vic, m. Florence Catherine BUCKLE
    4. Francis William HOLLARD, b. 1881, Merino, Vic, d. _____, m. ______
    5. Margaret HOLLARD, b. 1883, d. 1886, Merino, Vic.
    6. Reuben Albert John HOLLARD, b. 1886, Merino, Vic, d. ____, m. Mabel Alice WILSON

  6. Elizabeth HOLLARD b. 1854, Portland, Vic, d. ____, m. 1888 to Thomas Henry WEBB;

  7. Francis William HOLLARD b. 1856, Portland, Vic, d. 1939, Condah, Vic, m. 1883 to Clara Quick YEOMAN 1859-1941 and had the following family...;
    1. John HOLLARD, b. 1883, d. 1883, Heywood, Vic
    2. Leonard Barthly HOLLARD, b. 1884, Portland, Vic d. 1970, Ballarat, Vic, m. _____
    3. Eva Bella HOLLARD, b. 1886, Portland, Vic d. 1972, Reservoir, Vic, m. ____ EDMONDS
    4. Ethel HOLLARD, b. 1888, Heywood, Vic d. 1978, Wallacedale, Vic, m. Edwin ANNETT 1882-1936
    5. Mary HOLLARD, b. 1888, Heywood, Vic d. 1979, Hamilton, Vic, m. ___ WATT
    6. Harry HOLLARD, b. 1891, Heyfield, Vic d. 1972, Geelong, Vic.

  8. Sarah Priscilla HOLLARD b. 1859, Portland, Vic, d. 1943, Portland, Vic m. 1886 to James WILSON 1853-1933;

  9. Edmund HOLLARD b. 1861, Portland, Vic, d. 1936, Portland, Vic m. ________?;

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