James LYSAGHT 1822-1871 & Harriet GREEN 1834-1883

"Limestone Ridge" Pastoral Run, Dartmoor & "Hopkins Inn" Maroona, Victoria, Australia

James LYSAGHT, born 1822 Shanagh Golden, Co Limerick, Ireland, son of ___ LYSAGHT & ____ was married in 1850 at Portland Bay, Victoria, to Harriet GREEN born 1834 Norfolk, England, daughter of Frederick GREEN & ___.

James LYSAGHT was the original occupier of the "Limestone Ridge" Pastoral Run at Mumbannar, west of Dartmoor in south-west Victoria from 1842-1850.

He arrived in the Colony in 1841 on the "Middlesex" along with other LYSAGHT family members.

James LYSAGHT later ran the "Hopkins Inn" at Maroona, south of Ararat and he died in Casterton in 1871 and was buried at Ararat.

James LYSAGHT & Harriet GREEN had the following children:

  1. Ellen LYSAGHT b. 1854, Woodford, Vic, m. Hugh Byrne CARROLL;
  2. Mary LYSAGHT b. 1856, Woodford, Vic, m. Thomas GIBSON;
  3. John LYSAGHT b. 1858, Woodford, Vic, d. 1867, Maroona, Vic;
  4. Andrew LYSAGHT b. 1863, d. 1863, Maroona, Vic;
  5. James LYSAGHT b. 1864, Maroona, Vic;
  6. Harriet Theresa LYSAGHT b. 1868, Maroona, Vic, m. Richard Thomas GLEESON;

Daryl Povey

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