William McEACHERN 1814-1895
Mary Elizabeth HOLDEN 1832-1899

Scotland ; Sydney, NSW ; "Heathfield" Lake Mundi, near Casterton, S-W Victoria ; NSW, Australia

William McEACHERN b. 1814, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, son of Hugh & Mary McEACHERN married 1856 Portland, Vic to Mary Elizabeth HOLDEN b. 1832 Hobart, Van Diemens's Land, daughter of John HOLDEN and Mary Elizabeth BRIDGELAND.

William arrived in NSW in 1839 and in the Casterton area of south-west Victoria in 1842 with cattle for John McPHERSON, where he was appointed manager of the "Spring Bank" Pastoral Run occupied by John McPHERSON at the end of 1841 after the previous occupier Edmund MORTON and his worker William LAWRENCE were killed by aborigines.

William McEACHERN was almost killed when speared by aborigines near the Wannon River in the early 1840s.

Later William McEACHERN occupied the "Strathdownie East" Pastoral Run.

In 1886 he moved to NSW and died at Rosewood, NSW in 1895.

William McEACHERN & Mary HOLDEN had the following children:

  1. Hugh McEACHERN b. 1857 Portland, Vic, d. 1886;
  2. Mary Stewart McEACHERN b. 1859 Portland, Vic, m. 1882, James Roland LEVIS;
  3. Elizabeth Mary McEACHERN b. 1861 Digby, Vic d. 1876, East Strathdownie, Vic;
  4. Euphemia Sarah McEACHERN b. 1862 Casterton, Vic, m. Robert LEVIS;
  5. John Holden McEACHERN b. 1864 Strathdownie, Vic, m. Elizabeth EVANS;
  6. William McEACHERN b. 1866 Strathdownie, Vic, d. 1937, NSW;
  7. Thomas Kyle McEACHERN b. 1867 Casterton, Vic, d. NSW, m. Catherine Ann EVANS;
  8. Donald Alexander McEACHERN b. 1869 Dartmoor, Vic;
  9. Margaret Johanna McEACHERN b. 1870 Casterton, Vic;
  10. Sarah Ann McEACHERN b. 1870 Casterton, Vic, d. NSW;
  11. Margaret Johanna McEACHERN b. 1870, Casterton, Vic, d. NSW;
  12. Frances Mary Elizabeth McEACHERN b. 1872 Casterton, Vic, d. Nareen, Vic, m. James ROSS.
  13. Angus William Holden McEACHERN b. 1875, Dartmoor, Vic, d. Geelong, Vic, m. Frances Agnes Mary PERRY.

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