Donald McINTOSH 1819-1890
Mary GRANT 1818-1887

Inverness-shire, Scotland; "Cove" station, Lilimur; Hotspur & Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

Donald McINTOSH c.1819-1890, b. Inverness-shire, Scotland, son of William McINTOSH and Fanny McLEAY was married ...?... to Mary GRANT c.1818-1887, b. Scotland to Duncan and Ann GRANT.

  • 1838 to 1851 Donald and Mary McINTOSH had at least five children born in Inverness-shire, Scotland.

  • Donald & Mary McINTOSH along with 5 children :- Donald, Ann, Mary, Duncan & William arrived from Scotland at Portland, S-W Victoria in November, 1852 on the "John Davies".

  • Donald McINTOSH was first employed as a shepherd on "Cove" Station, Lilimur, for Mr. Donald Swan, and later for Mr. Donald McLellan. Two more children James & John were born at "Cove Station" near Serviceton in the West Wimmera. Another son Alexander was named in Donald McINTOSH's 1890 will.

  • About 1862 the family moved south and settled at Hotspur, S-W Victoria.

  • In 1869, eldest son Donald McINTOSH married Flora McDONALD, daughter of John McDONALD & Flora LAMONT of Hotspur at Hotspur.

  • About 1870 they selected land between Hotspur and digby.

  • In 1877, second son Duncan McINTOSH married Margaret MORRISON, daughter of Kenneth MORRISON and Mary FRASER.

  • Donald and Mary McINTOSH both died at Digby, Mary in 1887 and Donald in 1890 and they are both bured in the Digby Cemetery.

  • In 1890, fourth son James McINTOSH married Christina BALFOUR, daughter of William BALFOUR and Catherine Mary CAMERON.

Donald McINTOSH and Mary GRANT had the following children:

  1. Donald McINTOSH b. 1838 Urquhart & Glenmoriston, Inverness, Sct, d. 1930, Digby, Vic, m. Flora McDONALD , b. 1851 Isle of Skye, Inverness, Sct, d. 1935, Digby, Vic.

    1. Mary McINTOSH b. 1870, Heywood, Vic, d. 1879, Digby, Vic.;
    2. Donald McINTOSH b. 1873, Digby, Vic, d. 1890, Digby, Vic.;
    3. Duncan McINTOSH b. 1875, Digby, Vic, d. 1954, Merino, Vic.;
    4. John Murdoch McINTOSH b. 1878, Digby, Vic, d. 1953, Hamilton, Vic, m. Elizabeth Jean MONTGOMERY 1889-1976;
    5. William McINTOSH b. 1878, Digby, Vic, d. 1962, Hamilton, Vic.;
    6. Mary McINTOSH b. 1880, Digby, Vic, d. 1882, Digby, Vic.;
    7. Flora McINTOSH b. 1883, d. 1958, Hamilton, Vic, m. Charles Albert WALTER 1881-1946
    8. Ann McINTOSH b. 1887, d. 1927, Digby, Vic, m. Wilfred John MABBITT 1887-1961
    9. Alexander Grant McINTOSH b. 1889, Digby, Vic, d. 1977, m. Eunice Margaret DAVY;
    10. Isabella Grant McINTOSH b. 1891, Digby, Vic, m. John McPHERSON 1892-1973, d. Merino, Vic.

  2. Ann McINTOSH b. 1844, Divoch, Inverness, Sct, d. 1889, Digby, Vic;

  3. Mary McINTOSH b. 1844, Divoch, Inverness, Sct, m. Sydney MARRETT and was living at Aararat, Victoria in 1890 and ......?......;

  4. Duncan McINTOSH b. 1848, Divoch, Inverness, Sct, d. 1901, Merino, Vic. m. Margaret MORRISON, b. 1855 Branxholme, Vic, d. 1917.

    1. Annie McINTOSH b. 1878, Digby, Vic, d. 1932, m. John SULLIVAN 1874-1958;
    2. Margaret McINTOSH b. 1879, Digby, Vic, d. 1963, Casterton, Vic. m. Herbert Thompson DOUGLAS 1879-1951;
    3. Mary McINTOSH b. 1881, Digby, Vic, d. 1943 Bendigo, Vic. m. Robert Fergie ALEXANDER 1888-1968;
    4. Donald McINTOSH b. 1882, Goroke, Vic, d. 1941, m. Mary Ellen CLARKE 1883-1968
    5. Kenneth McINTOSH b. 1884, Goroke, Vic, d. 1968, m. Mary COLLIE 1894-1984;
    6. Duncan McINTOSH b. 1886, Goroke, Vic, d. 1973, Vic.;
    7. William McINTOSH b. 1888, Digby, Vic, d. 1944, Swan Hill, m. Lucy Margaret ALEXANDER 1891-1976;
    8. Catherine "Kate" McINTOSH b. 1891, Digby, Vic, d. 1962, m. ___ BIGGIN;
    9. Gordon McINTOSH b. 1893, Digby, Vic, d. 1957, Portland, Vic, m. Margaret PITMAN 1892-1927;
    10. Norman McINTOSH b. 1896, Digby, Vic, d. 1979, Edenhope, Vic, m. Millicent Maud ROGERS 1886-1961;
    11. Douglas McINTOSH b. 1899, Digby, Vic, d. 1978, Melbourne, Vic.
      • WW1 1st AIF, 29th Battalion, enlisted 19-02-1918
      • RTA 25-09-1919
      • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 86, planted by Mrs J SULLIVAN

  5. William McINTOSH b. 1851, Divoch, Inverness-shire, Sct d. 1927, Swan Hill, Vic;

  6. James McINTOSH b. 1852, "Cove" station, Bordertown, SA d. 1941, Ballarat, Vic, m. Christina BALFOUR 1857-1933;

  7. John McINTOSH b. 1853, "Cove Station", nr Serviceton, Wimera, Vic, d. 1934 Richmond, Vic, m. Elizabeth CROWLE from Ballarat in 1894, d. 1932, Melbourne, Vic.

    1. Florence Myrtle McINTOSH b. 1894, Merino, Vic, d. 1948;
    2. Mary Pearl Millicent McINTOSH b. 1895, Merino, Vic, d. 1974, m. Charles Otto FITZGERALD 1895-1953;
    3. John Grant McINTOSH b. 1898, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1978;
    4. Lilian May McINTOSH b. 1900, Castlemaine, Vic, d. 1883, m. Roy James BAILEY 1895-1935 [Pte 4077, 21st Battalion, 1st AIF, WIA France];

  8. Alexander McINTOSH b. ...?..., alive in 1890 when his father wrote his will, d. ...?...;

Donald McINTOSH and family arrived at Portland in Novemner, 1852 on the 'John Davis' and settled in the Digby area.

Douglas McINTOSH has a tree in the WW1 Digby Avenue of Honour.

Ann McINTOSH was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

D. McINTOSH was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

D. McINTOSH Sr. was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

Donald McINTOSH Jr. was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

Flora McINTOSH was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

William. McINTOSH was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

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