Archibald McMILLAN c.1776-1871
Flora McINTYRE 1781-1870

Isle of Mull, Scotland ; Digby, Hotspur, Merino, Branxholme, etc..., Victoria, Australia

Archibald McMILLAN and Flora McMcINTYRE from the Isle of Mull, Scotland, married in 1815 (Kilninian & Kilmore Parish) and along with some of their children emigrated on the "New Zealander" which arrived at Portland, Victoria in 1853. The record can be found through the HIES records. On the "New Zealander" were Archibald (60) from Oskamull, Flora (60), Anne (29), Christy (27), John (23) & Alexander (18). It would appear that the parents understated their ages for the passage which was a common practice. The family is also able to be located through the 1841 and 1851 Census data for Mull.

Archibald and Flora MacMILLAN were married 20 May 1815. Their name become McMILLAN in Australia. Archibald's parents on his death certificate are: Archibald MacMILLAN and Christina MacCORMACK. Flora's parents on her death certificate are: Angus McINTYRE and Christina MacCORMACK.

It appears that another son Angus McMILLAN travelled on a different ship as he appears as a death in Natimuk in 1902 with the above parents.

After the arrival of the "New Zealander" at Portland, Alexander was engaged by Mr Flower of Belfast for 1 month and John was engaged by Mr John Newton of Cape Nelson for 3 months, Christy was engaged by John Moody of Wando Dale for 12 months and Anne engaged by McConachie of Norvale for 12 months.

Their son John McMILLAN married Margaret McDONALD, the daughter of John McDONALD & Flora LAMONT from Hotspur, at Digby in 1864. This McDONALD family also arrived on the "New Zealander" in 1853, coming from the Isle of Skye. Margaret's parents were John McDONALD and Flora LAMONT, and her father's brother was Hector McDONALD who came to Australia on the "St George" in 1836. When the family came in 1853 he was already in Victoria, having come to SW Victoria via Sydney and Melbourne.

In 1870, 89 year old Flora McMILLAN (nee McINTYRE) died and was buried in the Branxholme Cemetery. Next year, 95 year old Archibald McMILLAN was injured by a bolting horse at the races at the "Waterloo Inn", Tahara on 26 Dec 1871 and died from these injuries 3 days later. He was also buried in the Branxholme Cemetery.

Archibald McMILLAN & Flora McINTYRE had the following family...

  1. Sarah (Marion) McMILLAN b. ca 1822, Isle of Mull, Sct m. 1845, Isle of Mull, Scotland to Neil McLEAN, had a family and remained on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

  2. Angus McMILLAN 1823-1903, b. Isle of Mull, Scotland; d. Natimuk, Victoria; m. 1852 Melbourne, Victoria to Mary Ann McKEAN 1835-1899, daughter of Henry McKEAN and Alicena HARVEY. Angus may have arrived at Port Phillip on the "Thomas Arbuthnot" in 1841 recorded as as Angus McMULLIN. Angus and Mary Ann McMILLAN resided at Melbourne, Victoria (1852), Prahran, Victoria (1854), Branxholme, Victoria (1872), Coleraine, Victoria (1878), Charma (near Edenhope), Victoria (aft 1878) and Natimuk, Victoria (1902). They had the following known family...
    1. Archibald McMILLAN 1854-1855, b. Prahran, Victoria d. ...
    2. Alicena (Alice Hena) Harvey McMILLAN 1856-1933, b. Mount Moliagul, Vic., d. Harrow, Vic., m. 1883 Charam, Victoria to David Langlands MURRAY 1856-1946.
    3. John Kean McMILLAN 1857-1942, b. Maryborough, Victoria.; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. 1885 Victoria to Jane (Jean) NORRIS 1865-1941, b. Tatiara, South Australia; d. Hamilton, Victoria.
    4. Sarah Ann McMILLAN 1859-1865, b. Ararat, Victoria; d. Victoria.
    5. James Alexander McMILLAN 1862-1865, b. 1862 Burn___, Victoria; d. Victoria.
    6. Flora Ann McMILLAN 1866-1940, b. Dunolly, Victoria; d. Warracknabeal, Victoria; m. 1889 Charam, Victoria to Augustus MURRAY 1859-1925.
    7. Archibald McMILLAN 1868-1978, b. Dunolly, Victoria; d. drowned at Coleraine, Victoria.
    8. James Alexander McMILLAN 1872- .?., b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. ...?...;

  3. Anne McMILLAN b. 1824, Isle of Mull, Sct d. 1890 Coleraine, Vic m. Robert STEVENSON 1822-1888 at Konongwootong, (nr Coleraine) Victoria and they had the following known family...
    1. Robert STEVENSON b. 1855, Dundas, Vic, d. ............?;
    2. John Alexander STEVENSON b. 1857, Coleraine, Vic, d. ................?;
    3. Archibald STEVENSON b. 1860, Coleraine, Vic, d. ..................?;
    4. Flora Ann STEVENSON b. 1862, d. 1895 m. George SHAW 1860-1933;
    5. Alexander STEVENSON b. 1863, Coleraine, Vic, d. .............?;
    6. Margaret Hamilton STEVENSON b. 1866, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1948 m. Robert COUSTLEY 1870-1951;

  4. Christian 'Christy' McMILLAN b. 1826, Isle of Mull, Scotland d. 1870, Branxholme, Victoria. Christy, a domestic servant was engaged by John MOODIE of "Wando Dale" Station in 1853.

  5. John McMILLAN (1830-1923) John McMILLAN b. 1830, Mull, Sct d. 1923, Portland, Vic m. Margaret "Peggy" McDONALD 1842-1926 at St John's CofE Digby, Victoria, 1864 and their family was:
    1. Flora Ann McMILLAN b. 1865, Branxholme, Vic, d. 1914, Merino, Victoria m. George Halliday WALKER 1859-1918;
    2. Archibald John McMILLAN b. 1873, Merino, Victoria, m. Isabella "Bella" Carmichael MOYLAN 1874-1933 and their children are...
      1. Isobel (sic) McMILLAN b. 1898, d. 1998, Hamilton, Vic (never married, a lifelong member of the Free Church of Australia's South Eastern States (a splinter group from the Disruption in Scotland of 1841), "great aunty Isie", buried Branxholme Cemetery);
      2. Alice McMILLAN b. 1900, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1978, m. 1922 James Francis David BEESON 1892-1971;
      3. Alexander "Sandy" "Archie" McMILLAN b. 1907, never married, buried Branxholme Cemetery;
    3. Angus John McMILLAN b. 1874, Branxholme, Victoria, d. 1888, Murdering Flat, Vic [Witnesses at Burial - Archibald McINTYRE, Frederick FORD, Dugald McINTYRE];
    4. Charles Alexander McMILLAN b. 1876, Merino, Victoria, d. 1968, Hamilton, Vic m. Jane ANNETT 1878-1967;
    5. Margaret Ann McMILLAN b. 1880, Coleraine, Victoria, d. 1914;
    6. John McMILLAN b. 1882, Coleraine, Victoria, d. 1970, Park..., m. Flora McEACHERN (raised as Flora McGUINESS), b. 1883 Albert Park, Vic, d. 1971, Vic, m 1909, Hotspur, Victoria;
    7. Hector McMILLAN b. 1884, Coleraine, Victoria, d. 1968, Portland, Vic;
    8. Murdoch Alexander McMILLAN b. 1887, Coleraine, Victoria, d. 1977, Vic, m. Martha Charlotte HUMPHRIES, b. 1866, Merino, Victoria, d. 1955, Kew, Vic;
    9. David McMILLAN b. 1889, Coleraine, Victoria, d. 1985, Vic, m. Mary Ann HUMPHRIES, b. 1892, Strathdownie, Victoria, d. 1969, ___, Vic. [David McMillan served in Egypt and France as L/Cpl 3081, 5th Field Company Engineers, AIF. He was wouded in France and became dangerously ill with influenza in 1919 before recovering and RTA. He later lived at Allestree, near Portland];

  6. Mary McMILLAN b. ca 1830 Isle of Mull, Sct and was christened on the same day as John McMILLAN, 27 Nov 1830 in the parish of Kilninian & Kilmore, Isle Of Mull, ARL, Sct. Perhaps she died young, she was not on the "New Zealander" in 1853?

  7. Alexander McMILLAN b. 1835, Isle of Mull, Scotland, arrived on the "New Zealander" in 1853 and employed by Mr FLOWER of Belfast for 1 month. After that.......................?


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