Alexander McNICOL 1828-1912
Catherine HEALEY 1835-1916

Inverness-shire, Scotland; Co Clare, Ireland; Merino & Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

Alexander McNICOL b. 1828 Argyleshire, Scotland, son of Alexander McNICOL and Margaret McCALLUM, arrived at Portland, Victoria in 1853 on the "Adele". Alexander McNICOL was married in 1857 at Portland, Victoria, Australia to Catherine HEALY b. 1835 Co Clare, Ireland, daughter of Patrick HEALY and Margaret HAGEN, who had arrived at Portland on the "Almora" in 1854.

Alexander appears to have worked on "Glenorchy" and "Rifle Ranges" Stations near Digby and Merino in south-west Victoria in the 1850s & 1860s.

He was recorded as a Farmer of Merino in 1877 and was also a Mailman in the Digby area.

Alexander died at Merino in 1912 and his wife Catherine died at Merino in 1916 and both are buried in the Merino cemetery.

Alexander McNICOL & Catherine HEALY had the following family:

  1. Alexander McNICOL b. 1858, d. 1858, Digby, Victoria;

  2. Margaret McNICOL b. 1859 "Glenorchy Station", near Merino, Vic, d. 1936, Coleraine, Vic, m. Joseph George ANSON 1858-1920;

  3. Helen McNICOL b. 1860 "Glenorchy Station", near Merino, d. 1948, Casterton, Vic, Vic, m. 1909, John Hugh CAMERON 1863-1944 (son of Angus "Wannon" CAMERON);

  4. Alexander "Alec" McNICOL b. 1861 "Rifle Ranges Station", near Digby, Vic, d. 1918, Mount Gambier, South Australia, m. 1885, to Hannah NEAVE 1865-1942, daughter of William NEAVE & Elizabeth FLACK. They had 11 children and lived at Dartmoor, Strathdownie and Mount Gambier. Two sons Frank & William served in WW1 and are listed on the Strathdownie Honour Roll and became soldier settlers on "Nangeela" Estate, near Casterton;

  5. John McNICOL b. 1862 Digby, Vic, d. 1953, Merino, Vic, m. Catherine McPHEE 1864-1952 and had the following family...;
    1. Norman Gordon McNICOL b. 1890, Coleraine, Vic d. 1977, Melbourne, Vic., m. Penelope Baird McKERROW, b. 1888, Learmonth, Vic., d. 1989, Mansfield, Vic. Norman was a teacher who served in WW1 with the AIF, commissioned and awarded the M.C. in France.
      • Jan 1916, teacher at Gordon SS (near Ballarat) when he enlisted in AIF, parents at Tahara South, near Merino
      • 27 Jan 1916 enlisted in 37th Battalion, AIF
      • 3 Jun 1916 embarked "Persic" from Melbourne
      • 1 Oct 1916 promted to Sgt, 37th Battalion, AIF during training in England
      • 22 Nov 1916 to France with 37th Battalion, AIF
      • 1916-1918 wounded 3 times with 37th Battalion, AIF in France
      • 17 Jan 1917 commissioned with 37th Battalion, AIF
      • 3 Jun 1918 awarded MC for bravery in the field with 37th Battalion, AIF
      • 17 Jul 1919 RTA with 37th Battalion, AIF
      • 1920 married Penelope Baird McKERROW at Scots Church, Melbourne
    2. Elsie Maud McNICOL b. 1892, Coleraine, Vic d. 1983, Melbourne, Vic.
    3. Jane May McNICOL b. 1894, Coleraine, Vic d. 1983, Melbourne, Vic.
    4. Florence Mabel McNICOL b. 1900, Coleraine, Vic d. 1971, Warrnambool, Vic., m. Raymond Aylmer DUNN 1898-1960

  6. Arthur McNICOL b. 1865 Digby, Vic, d. ..........?;

  7. Eliza McNICOL b. 1866 Digby, Vic, d. 1962, Hamilton, Vic, m. John Davidson WILSON 1876-1956 of Cape Bridgewater, no children, John served with the 37th Battalion, 1st AIF.;

  8. Catherine Mary McNICOL b. 1868 Merino, Vic, d. 1960, Victoria, m. John SCOTT of Port fairy, Vic.;

  9. Nichol McNICOL b. 1870 Merino, Vic, d. 1935, Perth, WA., m. 1901, Perth, WA to Emily WIDDICOMBE 1876-1911, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Boulder, WA.;

  10. Francis McNICOL b. 1872 Merino, Vic, d. 1939, Merino, Vic.;

  11. Jane McNICOL b. 1876, d, 1878. Merino, Victoria;

  12. Anne Jane McNICOL b. 1878 Merino, Vic, d. .......?.

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