Richard Glasson MITCHELL 1835-1902 & Elizabeth WHITE 1836-1897

Digby, Merino & Sandford, Victoria, Australia

Richard Glasson MITCHELL b. 1835 Cornwall, England, son of William MITCHELL and Mary GLASSON was married in 1854, Cornwall to Elizabeth WHITE b. 1836 Cornwall, England, daughter of James WHITE and Elizabeth GREENAWAY. They, along with their first child William Henry arrived at Portland in 1857 on the 'Mary Ann' and proceded to have their remaining children at Heywood, Digby and Sandford over the next few years.

Richard & Elizabeth MITCHELL were both buried in the Sandford Cemeyety in 1902 and 1897 respectively.

Richard MITCHELL & Elizabeth WHITE had the following children:

  1. William Henry MITCHELL b. 1856, Cornwall, m. Mary BYRNE;
    1. Herbert Richard MITCHELL, b. 1878, Sandford, Vic, d. 1882
    2. Mary Elizabeth MITCHELL, b. 1880, Merino, Vic, d. 1882
  2. Elizabeth MITCHELL b. 1858, Heywood, Vic, m. James WIDDICOMBE;
  3. Mary Jane MITCHELL b. 1861 Heywood, Vic, m. William Thomas PENROSE;
  4. Ann MITCHELL b. 1862 Digby, Vic, m. Thomas Francis McCORMACK;
  5. Alfred MITCHELL b. 1865 Sandford, Vic, m. Elizabeth COX;
    1. Richard Glasson MITCHELL, b. 1889, Sandford, Vic, d. 1971
      • enlisted WW1 Jul-1916, Melbourne
      • served as Pte 2697, 58th Battalion, AIF
      • RTA 8 Jan 1919
      • Named on Sandford War Memorial
    2. Alfred Charles MITCHELL, b. 1890, Goroke, Vic
    3. Olive May MITCHELL, b. 1895, Goroke, Vic, m. Charles Stanley LOWE
    4. Herbert David MITCHELL, b. 1897, Casterton, Vic, d. 1971
    5. Harold White MITCHELL, b. 1899, Casterton, Vic, d. 1974
    6. Rita Elizabeth MITCHELL, b. 1902, Sandford, Vic,
  6. James Richard MITCHELL b. 1867 Casterton, Vic, m. Elizabeth McILROY;
    1. William Henry MITCHELL, b. 1897, Sandford, Vic, m. Mavis Sunderland, MATHESON
    2. Hugh Glasson MITCHELL, b. 1899, Casterton, Vic
  7. John Glasson MITCHELL b. 1870 Sandford, Vic, m. Rosetta MITCHELL;
    1. Ernest Glanville MITCHELL, b. 1897, Goroke, Vic,
    2. John Wilfred MITCHELL, b. 1899, Creswick, Vic
    3. Elizabeth Ellen MITCHELL, b. 1902, Goroke, Vic, d. 1906
    4. Amy Rosetta MITCHELL, b. 1904, Edenhope, Vic,
    5. Raymond Glasson MITCHELL, b. 1907, Goroke, Vic,
  8. Ellen MITCHELL b. 1872 Sandford, Vic, m. Alfred GRAVESTOCKS;
  9. Emily Alice MITCHELL b. 1875 Sandford, Vic, m. David Oliver ROULSTON;
  10. Robert Thomas MITCHELL b. 1877 Sandford, Vic, m. Eva Horner PENROSE;
  11. Ethel MITCHELL b. 1880 Merino d. 1880.

Daryl Povey

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