Henry MONRO 1810-1869
& Jane CHRISTIE (nee WHITTLE) 1798-1842
& Catherine 'Kate' POWER c.1810-1889

"Crawford River" & "Bassetts" Pastoral Runs, Hotspur, S-W Port Phillip (Victoria), Australia

Henry MONRO b. 1810 Edinburgh, Sct, son of Professor Alexander MONRO (who held the chair of Anatomy & Surgery at Edinburgh University) and Maria Agnes CARMICHAEL-SMYTHE arrived in Sydney in 1834 on the barque 'James'.

Henry MONRO took up the "Crawford River" Pastoral Run at Hotspur, north of Portland Bay, S-W Port Phillip in 1843 and later held the nearby "Bassetts" Pastoral Run until 1862.

Henry MONRO married Jane CHRISTIE (nee WHITTLE) a fellow passenger on the 'James' in 1834, at Melbourne in 1841 but she died in 1842.

Henry MONRO next married Catherine 'Kate' POWER, daughter of Alexander / James POWER and Ellen O'DONNELL at Portland, S-W Port Phillip in 1846.

Henry MONRO left Australia and had land in Argentina before returning to Europe. He died in 1869 in Malaga, Spain and his widow Catherine died in 1889 in London. One of his sons became Major General Sir Charles Carmichael MONRO 1860-1929.

"The Crawford Stations" which can be located on the following map showing some of the early Pastoral Runs north of Portland were advertised for sale in "The Argus" of Tuesday, 4th February, 1851 and in a number of other editions of the paper as follows...

"The Argus" Tuesday, 4th February, 1851.

In one Lot or subdivided,

The estimated area of country being about 90,000 acres, on which are now depasturing
29,000 sheep of mixed sexes and ages
1,000 head of cattle, of which 200 to 300 are spayed cows
Horses, bullocks, drays, and supplies, to be taken at valuation. These stations are so generally known, that they do not require any description in an advertisement, further than that they are well grassed and watered; will depasture about 60,000 sheep, and are distant 40 miles from Portland and Port Fairy. If subdivided they will be sold as follows: -
"Home Station," with 10,000 sheep
"Upper Crawford Station," with 8,000 sheep
"Swamp Station," with 5,000 sheep
"Kangaroo Station," with 2,000 sheep, and 1000 head of cattle
"Whittlebury Station," with 4000 sheep.
For further particulars apply to Henry Monro, Esq , on the station, or here to
Portland, December 16, 1850.

Henry MONRO and Catherine 'Kate' POWER had 10 known children...

  1. Alexander MONRO b. 1847, "Crawford Station", Hotspur, Vic;
  2. David MONRO b. 1849, Portland, Vic;
  3. Henry Carmichael Smythe MONRO b. 1851, chr 1852 Digby, Vic;
  4. James Carmichael MONRO b. 1854, d. 1855, Portland, Vic;
  5. Isabella Catherine MONRO b. 1855, chr 1855, Digby, Vic;
  6. George MONRO b. abt 1857, _______?
  7. Charles Carmichael MONRO b. 1860, at sea, d. 1929, London, England, m. Mary Caroline O'HAGEN.
    (Major General Sir Charles Carmichael MONRO, 1st Baronet, G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G. who took over the Dardenelles campaign from Sir Ian HAMILTON and supervised the successful evacuation of ANZAC in 1915.)
  8. Harriet Elizabeth MONRO b. abt 1862, _______?, m. John TROUTBECK
  9. dau. 3 MONRO b. abt 1865, _______?
  10. dau. 4 MONRO b. abt 1865, _______?

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