John OUTTRAM 1820-1885
Jane FAIRALL 1813-1889

Surrey, England ; Hotspur and Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

John OUTTRAM was born in Surrey, England in 1820, the son of Jeremiah OUTTRAM and Martha BASSETT and married Jane FAIRALL born 1813, England, daughter of John FAIRALL and they had two boys. The family emigrated on the "Eliza" in 1852 and upon arrival at Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia were employed by Henry MONRO at "Crawford Station" near Hotspur. John and Jane are both buried in the Digby Cemetery and their family was...

  1. Jeremiah OUTTRAM b. c1846 Surrey, Eng, mar. Emily Louisa ULLITHORNE
  2. John OUTTRAM b. 1848 Surrey, Eng, mar. Jessie McPHEE

1. Jeremiah OUTTRAM & Emily Louisa ULLITHORNE

Jeremiah OUTRAM was born in Surrey, England c1846 and worked as a labourer, farmer and carrier. He married Emily Louisa ULLITHORNE in 1893 and they had the following family:

  1. Jeremiah OUTTRAM b. 1893 Hotspur, Vic;
  2. John Frederick OUTTRAM b. 1896 Hotspur, Vic, d. France, 1918
  3. Jane Elizabeth OUTTRAM b. 1898, Hotspur, Vic, mar. Alfred Richard EDGE;
  4. Jeremiah OUTTRAM b. 1902 Hotspur, Vic, mar. Ethyl WILLIAMS.

2. John OUTTRAM John & Jessie McPHEE

John OUTRAM was born in Surrey, England in 1848 and worked as a labourer, farmer and carrier. He married Jessie McPHEE in 1873 and had the following family:

  1. John OUTTRAM b. 1874 Casterton, Vic;
  2. Jane OUTTRAM b. 1876 Hotspur, Vic, mar Albert MIDDLETON;
  3. Allen OUTTRAM b. 1878 Digby, Vic, mar. Clementine Flora HABEL;
  4. Catharine OUTTRAM b. 1880 Digby, Vic;
  5. William OUTTRAM b. 1883 Digby, Vic, d. 1916, France
    • WW1 1st AIF, 58th Battalion, enlisted 12-03-1915
    • DOW, France, 26-11-1916
    • Tree 56, Digby Avenue of Honour, planted by Mrs William OUTTRAM
    • Tree 10; Hotspur Avenue of Honour, planted by Mr R McDONALD
    • Hotspur School Honour Roll
  6. Martin OUTTRAM b. 1885 Digby, Vic, mar. Catharine McINTOSH;
  7. Flora Margaret OUTTRAM b. 1889 Digby, Vic;
  8. Jessie May OUTTRAM b. 1892 Digby, Vic, mar. John Charles SIMKIN;
  9. Owen Stanley OUTTRAM b. 1895 Digby, Vic, mar. Myrtle NASHE;
  10. Ruby OUTTRAM b. 1899 Digby, Vic, mar. Basil HINKLEY.

Jeremiah OUTTRAM was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

J. OUTTRAM was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map. Bill Outtram's burial plaque

William 'Bill' OUTTRAM (1883-1917)
An article in "Good Weekend" The Age Magazine, April 25, 1992, about John Laffin, military historian mentions the time in 1985 when he unearthed the original burial plaque of Bill Outtram -

    "His most touching find was the original burial plaque for Private Bill Outtram of the 58th Battalion, unearthed at Montauban in 1985. Bill a bullock driver and sawmiller of Casterton, Victoria, died on 16 November, 1916, from wounds received in the Somme fighting. The unofficial plaque was attched to a makeshift wooden cross over his grave. In 1919, when Bill's remains were disinterred for final burial in a cemetery, the plaque was thrown into the mud."

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