Richard PRICE 1819-1904 & Jane DRINKWATER 1821-1898

Oxfordshire, England; Digby, Merino & Milltown (nr Heywood), Victoria, Australia

Richard PRICE b. 1819, Oxfordshire, England, son of George PRICE & Elizabeth PROSSER was married in 1841 Oxfordshire, England to Jane DRINKWATER b. 1821, Oxfordshire, England, daughter of William DRINKWATER & Sarah ___.

Eight children were born in England before the family emigrated in 1854 arriving at Portland in January 1855 on the "Oithona".

The PRICE family settled near Hotspur & Digby and later moved to Myamyn & Milltown (near Heywood) in south western Victoria.

Sunday 14th March, 2010
11 am Heywood/Drumborg Cemetery, Heywood, Victoria

Descendants of Richard & Jane Price & their daughter Mary Elizabeth, are invited to attend the unveiling of a new Headstone to mark their gravesite at the Heywood/Drumborg Cemetery.

This will be followed by a "Bring Your Own Picnic" lunch at Heywood
(Bring along some fold-up chairs for yourself if you have them)

Historical Price family photos and memorabilia will be on display at the lunchtime venue. If you have photos or memorabilia that you would like to have displayed you would be most welcome to do so. (Please label any display articles with the owner's name and contact details)

For further information contact:

Brenda & Rodger Dunn Phone: 03 55784235

Lynne & Kevin Price Phone: 03 55725089

Lynne Price

Richard PRICE & Jane DRINKWATER had the following family:

  1. Joseph PRICE b. 1841 Oxfordshire, England, d. 1863, Digby, Victoria (unmarried);

  2. George PRICE b. 1842 Oxfordshire, England, d. 1924 Heywood, Victoria, m. Hannah BUCKLE 1826-1924;

  3. Hannah PRICE b. 1844, England, d. 1891, Heywood, Victoria m1. Duncan McINTYRE 1844-1915, m2. James Henry BRIMBLECOMBE 1839-1886;

  4. Sarah PRICE b. 1846, England, d. 1938, Bunbury, Western Australia, m. John MEADE 1842-1913;

  5. William PRICE b. 1848 Oxfordshire, England, d. 1912, Branxholme, Victoria, m. Caroline CONDON 1850-1919;

  6. Emma PRICE b. 1849, Oxfordshire, England, d. 1931, Condah, Victoria m1 William AYLING 1841-1891, m2 James ROBERTSON 1851-1940;

  7. Richard PRICE b. 1851, England, d. 1931, Coleraine, Victoria, m. Annie MALT 1857-1935;

  8. James PRICE b. 1852, England, d. 1925, Melbourne, Victoria, m. Mary Jane GRAVES 1857-1941;

  9. male PRICE b. 1855 at sea "Oithona", d, 1855;

  10. Charles PRICE b. 1856 Hotspur, Victoria. d. 1936, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Sarah Jane ELLIS 1859-1941;

  11. Hugh PRICE b. 1857 Digby, Victoria, d. 1942, Portland, Victoria, m. Carol Hoad MULLINS 1857-1932;

  12. Mary Elizabeth PRICE b. 1858 Digby, Victoria, d. 1881, Heywood, Victoria m. Thomas Alexander WEAVEN 1853-___?;

  13. Henry John PRICE b. 1860 Digby, Victoria, d. _____? m. Annie DUNN 1869-___?;

  14. Frederick August PRICE b. 1865 Heywood, Victoria, d. 1921, Bruthen, Gippsland, Victoria m. Sarah CONDON 1865-1942.

Daryl Povey

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