John SYPOTT 1805-1887 b. Cheshire, England
Mary O'LEARY ~1834-1916 b. Co Corke, Ireland

Digby, Hotspur & Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

John SYPOTT b. 1805 Duckinfield, Cheshire, son of Anthony SYPOTT and Frances BONER / BOWEN married in 1855 at Digby, S-W Victoria to Mary O'LEARY b. 1834 Co. Cork, Ireland.

John SYPOTT appears to be John SIDEPOT who was transported from Woolwich, England, 27 Feb 1832 as one of 209 male prisoners and arrived Hobart Town, 16 Jul 1832 on the ship "Katherine Stewart Forbes". There is evidence of him making two trips from Launceston, VDL (Tasmania) to Portland, Port Phillip (Victoria) in 1847 and 1848.

Mary O'Leary from Co Cork, Ireland, arrived on the "Utopia" at Portland in 1854 aged 20 and was employed by Mr BUCKLE of Emu Creek (now Digby). This appears to be the correct Mary O'LEARY as she married the next year, 1855 to John SYPOTT at Digby.

John SYPOTT became a land selector at Hotspur and his property was known as "Briarwood".

J. SYPOTT was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

C. SYPOTT was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

M. SYPOTT was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

John SYPOTT & Mary O'LEARY lived at Hotspur and both are buried in the Digby Cemetery and they had the following children:

  1. Frances Mary SYPOTT b. 1856 Hotspur, Vic, d. 1939, m. Francis HEALY 1850-1940;

  2. John Bernard SYPOTT b. 1857 Hotspur, Vic, d. 1946, m. Sarah Jane REDFORD 1864-1956;
    1. Eva Lilian SYPOTT b. 1885, Casterton, Vic, m. Lloyd William COLYER
    2. Ethel Annie SYPOTT b. 1888, Natimuk, Vic, m. Herbert Charles KNIGHT,
    3. John Thomas SYPOTT b. 1890, Natimuk, Vic, m. Emily Pearl Louisa FREESTONE
    4. Jane SYPOTT b. 1892, Natimuk, Vic, m. Norman ENGLISH
    5. Mary Ellen SYPOTT b. 1894, Natimuk, Vic, d. 1978,
    6. Henry George "Harry" SYPOTT b. 1896, Gymbowen, Vic, d. 1917, Kandahar Farm, Belgium
      • Pte 1916, 38th Battalion, 1st AIF
      • enlisted 31 Mar 1916, Horsham, Victoria
      • embarked 16 Mar 1916, Horsham, Victoria
      • WIA, 17 Aug 1917, per "Orontea", Melbourne, Vic
      • DOW, 17-07-1917, Kandahar Farm, Belgium
      • Tree 18 Hotspur Avenue of Honour
    7. James SYPOTT b. 1899, Gymbowen, Vic, d. 1978, m. Grace Sylvia NEWTON
      • Pte 3398, 37th Battalion, 1st AIF
      • enlisted 7 Jul 1916, Horsham, Victoria
      • WIA 7 Jun 1918, France
      • RTA (invalid) 21 Dec 1918
    8. Vera Frances SYPOTT b. 1902, Gymbowen, Vic, d. 1990,
    9. Kathleen Mabel SYPOTT b. 1904, Gymbowen, Vic,
    10. Charles William SYPOTT b. 1908, Gymbowen, Vic, d. 1912,

  3. William Henry SYPOTT b. 1859 Hotspur, Vic.................. (went to WA ?)

  4. James Russell SYPOTT b. 1861, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1958, m. Frances Annie KINGHORN 1862-1941;
    1. Vonda Hazel SYPOTT b. 1903, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1987, Portland, S-W Vic., m. James Russell HISCOCK
    2. Guy Byaduk SYPOTT b. 1905, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1996, Coleraine, S-W Vic., m. Joan BURCHELL 1927-2008

  5. Charles Phillip SYPOTT b. 1864, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1926, "Montcalm" Coleraine, S-W Vic., m. in 1895 at Byaduk, S-W Vic., to Nancy KINGHORN 1868-1940, b. "Ardachy" Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. Grensborough, Victoria. Charles & Nancy SYPOTT had land at Muntham, between Casterton & Coleraine, S-W Victoria in 1914-15 and Sypott Creek at the bottom of the Muntham Hill appears to be connected with their property. They had the following family...

    1. John "Jack" SYPOTT M.M. b. 1897, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1933, m. Honora Margaret COOKE

    2. Charles James SYPOTT b. 1898, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1938, Melbourne, Vic, m. Ella Victoria EALES 1896-?

    3. Marion Kinghorn SYPOTT b. 1903 Coleraine, Vic, d. 1982, m. Victor Preston COE 1894-1989
      • Victor Preston COE, b. 1894, Melbourne
      • enlisted 29 Jan 1916, Pte 260, 39th Battalion, AIF
      • embarked from Melbourne 27 May 1916 per "Ascanius"
      • promoted 10 Aug 1918, France, Cpl 260, 39th Battalion, AIF
      • MID 7 Feb 1919, Cpl 260, 39th Battalion, AIF
      • RTA 18 Jul 1919, Melbourne per "Rio Padro"

  6. Annie Mary SYPOTT b. 1866 Hotspur, S-W Vic, d. 1939, Portland, S-W Vic.;

  7. Elizabeth Marion "Lil" SYPOTT b. 1868 Hotspur, S-W Vic, d. 1956, Portland, S-W Vic.;

  8. George Anthony SYPOTT b. 1871 Hotspur, S-W Vic., d. 1967, Coleraine, S-W Vic., m. Catherine SMITH 1875-1963, b. Hotspur, S-W Vic., d. Coleraine, S-W Vic.;

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