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ANGUS Family History - ANGUS, DEARSLEY, HUTCHINSON, RALSTON, SMITH are some of the names associated with the Penola and Casterton area (Glenn Angus).

Annett Family Australia - Annett, Wainwright, Vinen, Williams

Peter Annett's Web Site - includes family and Bahgallah (near Casterton) history, including Bahgallah School Registers.

BEST Family Tree - Family tree in formation for James BEST & Ann GOACHER of Branxholme by Paula Moran.

Bethune - Cliff Bethune's Website

Bostock Links - Bostock Story by Thelma Birrell

BEST, BRAME, LEWIS, McSHEEHY, O'NEIL - Barbara O'Neil has a webpage with her families from Sandford and nearby areas in south-west Victoria.

CORNELL Family History - Thomas CORNELL was baptised on 20th July 1794 at Withersfield and then introduced to the congregation on 25th September 1794. His parents were John & Elizabeth nee MYNOTT. He married Sarah KIDDY in 1819 at Withersfield. Thomas' brother John was born on 25th October 1790 at Withersfield. He married Ann MYNOTT in 1812 at Withersfield. Both Thomas and John had sons who came out to Australia. Thomas, son of John & Ann, arrived on the ship 'Anglia' on 20th May 1852 in South Australia. They lived at Gawler and then moved to Casterton Victoria about 1868......

Devereux / McCarthy Family History - This website by Hartley Budd traces some of the history of the DEVEREUX family from Digby and Branxholme with links to the First Fleet convicts John McCARTHY and Ann BEARDSLEY, grandparents of John William DEVEREUX of Digby and Branxholme.

Victoria Dunlop's Website - Beaton, Costello, Dunlop

Eldridge - Eldridge

Mark Farnham - Cooke, Farnham - Casterton

GLOSSOP - GLOSSOP family history, Coleraine & Hamilton

GREY / STORER - JUDKINS & STEEL Family History page incorporating articles of interest from the family history of George & Carol (nee Steel) Judkins of Lara, Victoria, Australia by Carol & George Judkins. Contains many pages of information on the GREY and STORER families from Branxholme.
GREY / STORER - JUDKINS & STEEL Cemetery Photographs

HAWKER - Jack HAWKER's web site for the HAWKER FAMILY contains many residents of Victoria. Many settled in the Kaniva area in the nineteenth century and are still living in the area.

HOPE Stemmata - Welcome to our family history website. I am descended from Thomas Hope and Alice Armstrong who emigrated from Scotland in 1856, with their family. Branches around Casterton and Apsley.

HUDSON at Murtoa - Past Links Revealed - The story of the author's ancestors, their lives in Europe, their journey to Australia and their arrival at Murtoa. This book also provides details of the first selectors, how they tamed the land and about the early development of Murtoa. - by Trevor James HUDSON. [this website includes information on the SCHULZ family who were at Carapook in 1870's]

HUNTER Genealogy - Heather Cox's HUNTER / BROWN connections with Drumborg area.

MAY, CLAYTON, HINCHCLIFFE, HORNIBROOK, McLEAN, ROBINSON, SIMKIN, SPURRELL - Shaun MAY's website with family connections to the Casterton area.

Vern McCallum Photo Collection - The Vern McCallum Photo Collection shows the places, people and events of the Western District of Victoria and nearby South Australia from the 1860s to the 1970s. The collection started with photos from Vern's own family (which arrived in the District in the 1850s) and has expanded through the goodwill of many people who either donated photos, or allowed Vern to copy their photos. The collection now contains over 6,000 photos and is still growing.

McINTYRE of Branxholme - Duncan, Malcolm and Mary McINTYRE migrated to the Western District of Victoria in the early 1830s. Duncan set up a property at Branxholme named "Arddachy" in 1842.

McLEAN Genealogy - Doug McLEAN's extensive genealogy site for the Clan McLEAN

Portland Newspaper Index - 1842 (by Jenny Fawcett) - The following is an index for references for some editions of the Portland newspaper 1842. The newspaper articles cover such topics as Births, Deaths, Marriages, Obituaries, Places, People and Events - local and world wide. Where there is multiple entries for a person - I have only listed the one here - but do have all references in a Master Database

Daryl & Erica Povey - Brunton, Burgess, Brindley, Davies, Hiscock, Key, Kinghorn, Livingston, Menzel, Noske / Nuske, Povey, Renfrey, Semmler, Sypott - Digby, Dartmoor, Hotspur, Byaduk, Carapook, Sandford...

Rus Preston's Genealogy Site - This site is produced in the pursuit of information for my Genealogy database and to share my information with anyone interested. The site contains pages of families, ancestor and descendant's reports and historical notes. I have also researched a number of families that I have an interest in. I am a member of the Geelong Family History Group. Rus links to many south west Victoian families on his pages.

SHERWOOD Family History Web Site - Welcome to the Sherwood Family History Web site. Around 1740 our family settled in the small English village of Weston in Hertfordshire. From there they moved to nearby Clothall and then to Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire. In 1856, thirteen members of the family left Fowlmere and set sail for South Australia. In 1874 the family moved once again, this time to Victoria were they worked as farmers in the Wimmera.

Ship Passenger Lists - HIES (Aus) - Various passenger lists by ship to Australia from the Highland and Island Emigration Society. Many of the ships to Portland and Geelong

Stevenson / Hale Family History - Family history of John Tyson Stevenson and Mary Hale who married at Merino Downs in 1863.

THOMAS - Lisa & Peter Thomas - Hutchins, Thomas, Williams, - Coleraine, Heywood, Portland, Warrnambool

THOMSON - Lauren Thomson's web site
Thomson family in the Hamilton & Wannon Districts of SW Victoria

Trangmar Family History
Worldwide TRANGMAR information including an Australian section with information on the TRANGMAR branches in South_Western Victoria.

Portland, Hamilton

VINEN Family History - The VINEN family history world-wide. The VINEN families that I have researched have come from Australia, Canada, America, South Africa, Scotland, England,France, and a few other places around the world. I have information in relation to our family that dates back to the 13th century. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who would like to add to the collection of material that I have.I am very happy to correspond with anyone who wishes to correspond with me on the history of the VINEN and related families. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. Alan J Vinen, Dandenong Ranges. I dedicate this history to my children, Zoe & Thomas.

Fred Walter - McIlroy, Millard, Walter, Vickery - Casterton

Wordweaver's Genealogy - Weaving your Memories. Weaving your Stories.

Western Victorian Information Sites

Coleraine : "The Points"
The Peter Francis Points Arboretum is located at Coleraine in Western Victoria. It is an Arboretum of National significance, which holds Australia’s only registered Eucalypt and Banksia collection. The Eucalypt collection is currently in excess of 500 species.

Glenelg Shire Council - includes some maps

Hamilton History Centre NEW WEBSITE! (July 2003)
Genealogy & local history resource materials form the basis of the Hamilton History Centre collection. Opening Times:

  • The Centre is open every day except Saturday, from 2.00pm - 5.00pm
  • First Wednesday of each month : 7.00pm - 9.00pm (research only)
  • Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm

Hamilton Spectator Newspaper - this website provides detailed information and contact details regarding the "Hamilton Spectator", "Portland Observer" and "Casterton News" publications.

The Henty Journals - A Record of Farming, Whaling and Shipping in Portland Bay, 1834-1839. Edited by Lynnette Peel. Online order form and summary.

Horsham Historical Society

Mt Rouse Historical Society (Penshurst) - Penshurst is a small rural community, located 276km West of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 70km North of Warrnambool and the Great Ocean Road, 30km South of the Grampians mountain range. The townshop of Penshurst was surveyed and allotments sold in 1851, although Penshurst was formally proclaimed a town in 1861. The rural Shire of Mt. Rouse previously had its council administration in Penshurst. Other smaller communities, e.g. Dunkeld and Glenthompson were part of the shire, which made the Mt. Rouse & District Historial Society (hereafter referred to as 'the Historical Society') name inclusive of the whole shire area. However, the shire was amalgamated with neighbouring shires to form the Shire of Southern Grampians in 1994, i.e. the links with other communities are weakened but the original historical society name is maintained for historical reasons. We meet in the 'old' court house building, next to the post office. Our museum is located in the 'old' Shire of Mount Rouse building. Here a Penshurst 'streetscape', and a view of Mount Rouse.
Previous serials and chapters from the above web site have been transferred to an archive directory at

Platypus Tourist Park
Wander the walkways by the Wannon River and explore the Wannon Falls and surrounding bush reserve. Meet the kangaroos and koalas there! Lava trails from ancient volcanoes cut a rugged track through the tranquil countryside.

Portland Net

South West Victoria's War Heritage

Southern Grampians Shire
South Grampians Shire Council website.

Western Victorian Association of Historical Societies

Morawa District Historical Society, WA
Features Australian Windmills & other Mills.
The small rural town of Morawa with its museum is approximately 400 kilometres north of the state capital Perth, in the northern wheatbelt of Western Australia.
This website is designed to be a resource which reflects our dual aims of being both a local history museum and a special interest museum featuring windmills. Although source references are not shown on the pages, they are available from the museum on request.

South-East South Australia Information Sites

South East Family History Group
Located in Millicent in South Australia the South East Family History Group is able to help people searching for information about their ancestors. Research is especially relevant for those who lived in the South East including Millicent, Mt Gambier, Naracoorte, Penola, Allendale, Beachport, Cape Jaffa, Glenburnie, Glencoe, Kalangadoo, Kingston, Lucindale, Nangwarry, Penguin Island, Port MacDonnell, Rendelsham, Robe, South End, Tantanoola, Tarpeena, and many other places.

Mount Gambier Tourism

Mount Gambier History & Geology- the first 100 years

City of Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier - Wilkins Maps

Les Hill Historical Centre - Mount Gambier Public Library

Limestone Coast Tourism

Local Histories of the South-East Region

Penola - Flinders Ranges Research

Flinders Ranges Research - Welcome to the largest, and premier website, for Historical Information about SOUTH AUSTRALIA

South Australia - SA Tourism - Welcome to South Australia. Australia's fourth largest state offers all those experiences synonymous with Australia in one very convenient and accessible area. Slightly larger than Texas, it has a climate similar to California. Our population is only 1.4 million, 1 million of whom live in Adelaide. So there is plenty of space to explore.

Chronology of 19th Century South Australia

Daryl Povey