Harrow and Balmoral District
Townships, Settlers, Pastoral Runs and Historical Items
Upper Glenelg River, South-West Victoria, Australia.

Townships and Pastoral Runs
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HARROW : a township on the upper Glenelg river surrounded by the pastoral runs of "Clunie," "Longlands," "Mount Talbot," "Mullagh," "Pine Hill" and "Second Kout Narin"

BALMORAL : a township on the upper Glenelg river surrounded by the pastoral runs of "Congbool," "Fulham," "Yat-Nat," "Glendinning" and "Englefield"

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1860 : Balmoral and Harrow Presbyterian Charge
1864 : Balmoral Presbyterian Church

Local Family Links
updated : 6 October 2021
  • AFFLECK : David AFFLECK 1833-1872, b. Scotland, d. Melbourne, Victoria, squatter of "Pleasant Banks" or "Mortat" station, children at "Mortat" and "Clunie" stations, m. to Catherine RUTHERFORD c.1836-1891.
  • ANDISON : James ANDISON 1801-1882 and Jean JACKSON 1801-1883
  • ARMYTAGE : Charles Henry ARMYTAGE 1824-1876, b. Bagdad, VDL (Tasmania), to George ARMYTAGE and Elizabeth PETERS, Squatter of "Fulham" Station 1856-63, Upper Glenelg (Balmoral), d. "Como," Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1856 to Caroline Morrell TUCKWELL 1832-1909, b. Somersetshire, England to John TUCKWELL and Elizabeth COUNSER.
  • BLAIR : James BLAIR 1813-1880, b. Ireland, d. Melbourne, Victoria, a squatter who occupied "Clunie" station 1844-1880 at Upper Glenelg (Harrow), taking over from Thomas RICKETTS. James BLAIR was the first Police Magistrate at Portland, S-W Port Phillip from 1840 to 1866 and still held "Clunie" when he died at Melbourne in 1880.
  • BRANT : John Samuel Thomas BRANT 1856-1928 and Elizabeth Jane MAYES 1860-1895
  • CAMERON : Alexander Clayhills CAMERON 1823-1874 and Janet "Jessie" ROBERTSON 1828-1895
  • CARMICHAEL : Thomas CARMICHAEL c.1831-1888 and Margaret FLETCHER 1833-1906
  • COOLEY : Samuel Smith COOLEY 1818-1858, b. Lincolnshire, England, d. Harrow, S-W Victoria, Draper and Tailor of the "Hermitage Store" Upper Glenelg (Harrow), Victoria c.1851-1858.
  • DAVIES : John DAVIES c.1808-1857, b. ..., storekeeper of "John DAVIES & Co." of Harrow and Geelong, d. Harrow, Victoria, proprietor of the "Hermitage Stores" Upper Glenelg (Harrow), Victoria c.1851-1857. He left a widow Anne DAVIES and was buried at Harrow.
  • DONALDSON : Alexander DONALDSON c.1817-1849, b. ...., d. ..., Victoria, a squatter who occupied "Longlands" station 1844-49 at Upper Glenelg (Harrow), m. 1847 to Hannah Sinclair STEPHENSON.
  • DOUGHENY : John DOUGHENY 1815-1894 and Ellen DOWNEY c.1815-1865. John was an Inn-keeper at the "Forresters' Inn" Upper Glenelg (Harrow) c.1847-1853
  • EDWARDS : George EDWARDS c.1844-1923 and Ellen SHAW 1851-1922
  • ELLIOTT : George ELLIOTT 1819-1878 and Mary WHITE 1829-1912
  • EVANS : Richard Hawley EVANS 1820-1882, b. England, d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1842, Scotland to Janet "Jessie" BURN 1819-1892. Richard opened the "Hermitage Store" Upper Glenelg (Harrow), S-W Victoria in 1848.
  • FAIRBAIRN : George FAIRBAIRN 1816-1895, b. Berwickshire, Scotland, to John FAIRBAIRN and Jessie JOHNSTON, Squatter of "Congbool" Station 1843-61, Upper Glenelg (Balmoral), d. Queenscliff, Victoria, m. 1854 to Virginia Charlotte ARMYTAGE 1834-1912, b. Bagdad, VDL (Tasmania) to George ARMYTAGE and Elizabeth PETERS.
  • FLETCHER : William FLETCHER c.1839-1918 and Esther Ann CLEATOR c.1848-1889
  • GIBSON : Edward Thomas GIBSON 1846-1898 and Sarah Ann McDONALD 1847-1942
  • HAWKINS : William HAWKINS ..?..-1851, a young man, drowned when crossing the Glenelg river in a boat, employed as a servant to John DOUGHENY, Inn-keeper at the "Forresters' Inn" Upper Glenelg (Harrow).
  • HEENAN : John HEENAN c.1836-1913 and Johanna O'CALLAGHAN c.1837-1915
  • HOBBS : William HOBBS 1826-1913 and Emily GEARY 1826-1898
  • INGRAM : George INGRAM 1816-1903 and Louisa ADAMS 1831-1910
  • JELBART : Joseph JELBART 1815-1901 and Joyce PHILLIPS 1822-1910
  • LANG : Simeon LANG c.1825-1853, b. Somersetshire, England, to William LANG and Martha HOLLAND, drowned when crossing Fairbairn's Creek, Upper Glenelg. He was from the "Squatter's Arms Inn" Upper Glenelg (Balmoral).
  • LANYON : William LANYON 1829-1885 and Bridget McGRANE c.1831-1912
  • McPHEE : John McPHEE c.1828-1906 and Ann McLEOD c.1835-1910
  • MEADE : George MEADE 1817-..?.. and Eliza COX 1821-..?..
  • MURRAY : David Munro MURRAY 1829-1896 and Margaret RYAN 1833-1905
  • NEAVE : William NEAVE 1816-1887 and Hannah WILLIAMS 1818-1882
  • O'BREE : Henry O'BREE 1827-1901 and Frances PIERPOINT 1837-1904
  • OFFICER : Robert OFFICER 1825-1881, b. New Norfolk, VDL (Tasmania), to Sir Robert OFFICER and Jemima PATTERSON, Squatter of "Mount Talbot" (Tolondo) Station and "Yat-Nat" ("Rocklands") Stations, Upper Glenelg (near Harrow & Balmoral, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1851 to Martha READ 1832-1917, b. Hobart Town, VDL(Tasmania) to George Frederick READ and Margaret TERRY.
  • PENROSE : Thomas Matthews PENROSE 1802-1883 and Susanna JELBART 1810-1884
  • PHILIP : John PHILIP 1813-1881 and Margaret ROBERTSON c.1821-1909
  • RICKETTS : Thomas RICKETTS 1818-..?.., b. ..., d. ..., a squatter who occupied "Ricketts" or "Clunie" station 1840-1844 at Upper Glenelg (Harrow).
  • ROBERTSON : Duncan ROBERTSON 1799-1882 and Ann FRASER 1809-1853
  • ROWE : Thomas ROWE 1816-1884 and Hannah KING 1834-1911
  • SHAW : William SHAW 1812-1885 and Mary JORDAN 1820-1885
  • SILVESTER : Thomas William SILVESTER 1823-1892 and Mary FITZGERALD 1823-1904
  • STEELE : Robert STEELE 1815-1895 and Mary DUANE 1828-1902
  • STUBBS : William Alexander STUBBS 1820-..?.., b. England, Teacher of Balmoral (Upper Glenelg) 1871-74, d. ......., m. 1860 to Agnes AITKEN 1836-1908, b. Montrose, Scotland to William AITKEN and Jane CLARK, d. Perth, Western Australia. Large family
  • SWAN : William SWAN 1815-1869 and Margaret McMURRICH 1815-1867
  • SYRETT : Joseph SYRETT 1826-1877 and Margaret ROBERTSON 1840-1909
  • TRIFFITT : James TRIFFITT 1794-1853, b. Norfolk Island, res. VDL, d. "Mount Talbot" station.
  • TULLOH : Thomas TULLOH 1814-1888, b. Morayshire, Scotland, to Alexander TULLOH and Helen EDDIE, in 1857 purchased the "Hermitage Inn & Store", Harrow (Upper Glenelg), d. Colac, Victoria, m. 1854 to Emma Cornelia KEARTON 1828-1921, b. London, England, d. Colac, Victoria, 5 children born at Harrow from 1857-1863.
  • TULLY : John TULLY 1834-1900, b. Sutherlandshire, Scotland, to Walter TULLY and Jane CURRY; d. "Lockhart" Servicton, Victoria; m. 1854 Scotland to Elizabeth "Eliza" McKAY 1833-1907, b. Sutherlandshire, Scotland to Robert McKAY and Helen McKAY; d. "Lockhart" Servicton, Victoria. John and Eliza TULLY emigrated from Scotland and arrived at Port Phillip in 1855; they had 11 children born at Melbourne, Balmoral, Harrow and "Lockhart" Station, Victoria from 1855-1907.
  • TULLY : Willam Curry TULLY 1831-1897, b. Sutherlandshire, Scotland, to Walter TULLY and Jane CURRY; d. Grong Grong, NSW ; m. 1861 Scotland to Catherine ROBSON 1836-1918, b. Ross-shire, Scotland to Walter ROBSON and Janet McKAY ; d. Sydney, NSW. William emigrated from Scotland and arrived at Port Phillip in 1850; he returned to Scotland in 1861 and married; William and Catherine migrated to Australia in 1861 and they had 10 children born near Harrow and "Pleasant Banks" Station (Goroke), Victoria from 1862-1880; they moved to NSW in 1882 and sttled at Grong Grong, NSW.
  • WARD : Peter WARD 1842-1933 and Emily MARSH c.1845-1891
  • WHITTAKER : James WHITTAKER c.1797-1863, b. ..., squatter of "Longlands" Station, Upper Glenelg (Harrow) from Aug 1849, d. Wales, United Kingdom. James WHITTAKER arrived in Port Phillip on the "Lord Hungerford" in Feb 1849 with 2nd wife Caroline Ann SCHICKLE 1803-1850 (d. at "Longlands"); daughters Eliza and Caroline; sons John Beard, W__, and James and Thomas.

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