Hotspur Schools No. 310 & No. 1260

Hotspur Common School No 310

    Records for the early schools at Hotspur are sparse but it is known that the Hotspur Common School No 310 was in existence until its closure in 1872. Thomas PRIOR was the teacher in 1863 with at least 70 pupils attending. A letter to "The Age" ca 1937 from an early pupil provided valuable information about the families attending this school in the 1860's.

      Old Bush Schools.
      Sir,-I have been reading the old Victorian schooldays, but did not see many of the old bush schools mentioned. I first went to school in the little township, of Hotspur, on the Crawford River - used be called the Smoky River. Hotspur is 32 miles from Portland on the Casterton-road. The school I attended was a, common school-teacher, Mr. Thomas Prior, very handy with the cane, otherwise a good fellow. I started school at the age of seven-74 years ago. I remember all my schoolmates. Could give their Christian names and ages. This was in the year 1863. The following are the families that attended at that time:-Beatons (3), Hiscocks (2), Hiscocks (4), Nicholsons (4), McDonalds, (3), Blackwoods (3), Kings (4), Smiths (2), Jeffreys (3)., McKinnon (1), Hunt (1), Rules (4), Murchisons (3), Shaws (3). Stocks (3). Sypotts (4), Coopers (2) Finlay (1), Swifts (2), McIntosh (3), Whytes. (3), Brindley (3), Williams (4), McLeans (7), McLennans (3 ), Ben McKeand and brother William, Polly Charter, Ken McDonald.

    Thomas Smith SAVIGE took up the position of Head Teacher at Hotspur Common School No 310 in 1869 and remained at Hotspur until its closure in 1872.

Hotspur State School No 1260

    Hotspur State School No. 1260 was established as the new school at Hotspur after the closure of the Common School in 1872. Few records of enrolments exist prior to 1900.

    "Vision & Realisation, Vol 2

    Hotspur 1260
    The school opened on 1st September 1873 under HT John HENDRY (1873-1889). Its number at one time was 310. For a time between 1921 -1939 the school worked part-time with 3826 Morvern. The school officially closed for consolidation on 6th February 1951. The building was removed to form part of the new school at Heywood.

Hotspur State School Pupils ca 1900

    Some of the pupils attending the school ca 1900 were: Jack Jeffries, Tom Brindley, Lloyd Gleeson, Jim Smith, Mack Brindley, Bob McDonald, Tom Brown, Jack Brindley, Bob Jeffries, Charlie Brown, Cecil Day, Flora Outtram, Mary Outtram, Sarah Wellner, Billy Brindley, Donald McDonald, Hector McDonald, Pat Wellner, Reuben Jeffries. These names came from a very faded school photograph dated approximately to 1900.

Hotspur State School Pupils in 1910

Hotspur School 1910
Hotspur State School - 10 Feb 1910
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Back Row: (left > right)
Peg McDonald, Ali Blackwood, Flora King, Lila Moore, Angus McDonald, Arthur Blackwood, Jane Outtram, Ted Jeffries, Clem Blackwood, Sybil Hiscock.

Middle Row: (left > right)
Bill Hiscock, Hilda King, Florie Blackwood, Stan Moore, Pearl Blackwood, Jim Hiscock, Ray Hiscock, Russell King, Tim Outtram.

Front Row: (left > right)
Francis Rowland, Ada Jeffries, Vida Rowland, Edna Rowland.

John Francis ROWLAND (not in photo), married to Eliza PENROSE and father of the 3 Rowland children above.

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