Patrick BRUGGY c.1834-1915
Margaret DAVIS 1857-1943

Merino, Victoria, Australia

Patrick BRUGGY b. c.1834 Co Clare, Ireland, son of John BRUGGY and Hannah KENNEDY was married in 1874 at ___, Victoria to Margaret DAVIS, b. 1857, Portland, Victoria, daughter of William Peter DAVIS and Elizabeth Jane DONNELLY.

Patrick BRUGGY died at Merino in 1915and his wife Maragret in 1943.

Patrick appears to have had a sister Catherine BRUGGY c.1843-1916 who married John McNEIL c.1833-1913, son of Donald McNEIL and Catherine McLEAM.

Patrick BRUGGY and Margaret DAVIS had the following known family....

  1. William BRUGGY, b. 1875, Bendigo, Vic, d. 1933, Horsham, Vic, m. Emily Jane Campbell KELL
  2. Hannah BRUGGY, b. 1876, Bendigo, Vic, d. 1940, Wangaratta, Vic, m. Thomas HAYES 1878-1933, son of Pierce HAYES and Ellen BREEN
  3. Mary Jane BRUGGY, b. 1878, d. 1878, Merino, Vic
  4. John BRUGGY, b. 1880, Merino, Vic, d. 1954, , Vic, m. Effie Linda HOLLARD
  5. Catherine Eliza BRUGGY, b. 1882, Natimuk, Vic, d. 1965, , Vic, m. Percy George DUNBAR
  6. Patrick Matthew BRUGGY, b. 1884, Noradjuha, Vic, d. 1887, Horsham, Vic
  7. Frances Emily Davis BRUGGY, b. 1888, Noradjuha, Vic, d. 1976, Heywood, Vic, m. George Francis PREECE
  8. Eileen Jessie May BRUGGY, b. 1898, Noradjuha, Vic, d. 1979, Casterton, Vic, m. ___ QUINN

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