Christoph NOLTE 1829-1885
Maria HACH 1841-1908

Germany, Hamilton & Tahara (nr Merino), S-W Victoria, Australia

Christoph NOLTE b. 1829 Hanover, Germany, son of Friedrich NOLTE and Kirche Marie Sophia BUTCHERKIRCHE was married in 1859 at Hochkirch, Hamilton, Victoria to Maria HACH, b. 1841, Hesse Darmsatadt, Germany, daughter of Heinrich HACH 1812-1888 and Elizabeth ___.

Christoph and his brother Andreas Heinrich NOLTE arrived in 1855 on the "Alster".

Christoph NOLTE became a Tahara settler when he purchased land there in 1869.

He signed the Merino School petion in 1877 when he was listed as a farmer.

Maria HACH, daughter, her parents and sister Margaret arrived on the "Eliza" at Portland. The ship "Eliza" sailed from Plymouth, England on 30 Nov 1852 arrived at Portland, Victoria, Australia on 9 Apr 1853. The Passenger list showed:

  • 79 HACK, Henrick Skin dresser Middlesex, England CE None M 40 Married Henry Seymour Merino Plains Apr 12 45 12 months with
  • 80 HACK, Elizabeth Middlesex, England CE None F 44 Married
  • 81 HACK, Margaret Middlesex, England CE R&W F 13 Child
  • 82 HACK, Maria Middlesex, England CE R&W F 12 Child

The following information from the 1977 Merino-Digby Heritage book conflicts with the above passenger list in regards to the arrival of the HACH family...

"Mr. HACK, maternal grandfather of Messrs. Chas, Chris, Henry, Fred and Chap NOLTE, landed at Adelaide in 1844, first shepherding sheep at Mosquito Plains, and later being in charge of the sheep-wash at Merino Downs. At one time he dropped his watch into the wash, where it remained for one week. That watch is to-day in the possession of Mr. Chris NOLTE senr., and still keeps good time."

Heinrich HACK died in 1888 at Hamilton, aged 81 and his wife Elizabeth HACH (nee ___) in ________.

Christoph NOLTE died in 1885 and his widow Maria NOLTE (nee HACH) was married in 1890 to Christoph's brother Heinrich NOLTE. Heinrich died in 1926 and Maria in 1908.

Christoph NOLTE and Maria HACH had the following family....

  1. Heinrich NOLTE, b. 1860, d. 1860, Hochkirch (Tarrington), Vic.
  2. Friedrich Franz NOLTE, b. 1863, Digby, Vic, d. 1953, m. Christina Sarah CAMERON 1867-1963
    1. Dorothy Mary NOLTE, b. 1892, Merino, Vic, m. Joseph Stephen GULL
    2. Christopher Martin NOLTE, b. 1894, Hamilton, Vic, m. Alvie GALLACHER
    3. Rebecca May NOLTE, b. 1896, Hamilton, Vic, m. James Bennett ALLAN
    4. Henry Carl NOLTE, b. 1898, Hamilton, Vic, m. Mabel 'May' STEWART
    5. Hughen William 'Ewen' NOLTE, b. 1900, Hamilton, Vic, m. Mary ROWE
    6. Fredrick Allan NOLTE, b. 1904, Hamilton, Vic, m1. Myrtle BARKER, m2. Ailsa GOODENOUGH
    7. Stanley NOLTE, b. 1906, Hamilton, Vic, m. Winnifred O'CONNER
    8. Hermann John 'Jack' NOLTE, b. 1908, Hamilton, Vic, m,. Agnes Batten SHOEBRIDGE

  3. Mary Sophie NOLTE, b. 1865, d. 1868, Tahara, Vic. (died from eating the heads from matches)
  4. August Karl NOLTE, b. 1867, Merino, Vic, d. 1957, m. Margaret Alice HEAZLEWOOD 1871-1949.
  5. Johann Elizabeth NOLTE, b. 1868, Tahara, Vic, d. 1949, m. Edward George SHOEBRIDGE
  6. Wilhelm John NOLTE, b. 1870, Merino, Vic, d. 1962, m. Anna Maria Campbell GRANT 1873-1945 (Allotment on the 1900 Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme)
  7. Ernest Christoph NOLTE, b. 1871, Merino, Vic, d. 1962, m. Isabella KOHN 1870-1968
  8. Johanna Maria NOLTE, b. 1873, Tahara, Vic, d. 1958, m. Charles KOHN 1868-1949
  9. Caroline Wilhelmina NOLTE, b. 1874, Merino, Vic, d. 1947, m. James Alexander ROULSTON 1867-1948 (Allotment on the 1900 Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme)
  10. Christian NOLTE, b. 1876, Merino, Vic, d. 1965, m. Lillian Maud GRANT 1881-1953
  11. Christina Dorothea NOLTE, b. 1878, Merino, Vic, d. 1967, m. John Robert GRANT 1872-1942
  12. Ernest Heinrich NOLTE, b. 1880, Merino, Vic, d. 1959, m. Frances "Fanny" HARWOOD 1878-1948
  13. Joseph Hermann NOLTE, b. 1883, Merino, Vic, d. 1909, Merino, Vic.

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