John ROBERTSON 1808-1880
Susan Ann Tait Cetwill FRASER 1832-1906

Alvie, Inverness-shire, Scotland; Sydney, NSW; "Struan" on the Wannon; "Satimer" Wando Vale, S-W Victoria & "Struan" on Mosquito Creek, S-E South Australia

John ROBERTSON b. 1808, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland son of John ROBERTSON and Mary "May" McBAIN was married in 1855 at Portland, S-W Victoria to Susan Ann Tait Cetwill FRASER b. 1832, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland, daughter of Alexander FRASER and Jane DAVIDSON.

John ROBERTSON & May McBAIN had the following family members in Alvie, Inverness-shire, Scotland:-- Angus 1795-1879, Ann ~1796-1898, Duncan 1799-1882, Hugh ~1801-1856, Margaret ~1803-1887, Elizabeth "Elspet" 1804-1866, John 1808-1880, William 1811-1864, James 1815, James 1817-1892 and Mary ......

John ROBERTSON, stone mason, unmarried, aged 29y, emigrated from Scotland and arrived at Sydney, Colony of New South Wales, in 1838 on the ship "Saint George" along with his brothers William ROBERTSON (unmarried) and Duncan ROBERTSON with wife Ann and 3 children.

By 1841 John ROBERTSON and his brother William had occupied "Struan" on the Wannon River, S-W Victoria, between the later townships of Merino and Coleraine. In 1852 their older brother Angus ROBERTSON with a wife and family of six arrived at "Struan" station on the Wannon and took over the management, allowing John & William to move onto some of their other holdings. William settled at "Wando Vale" and John settled over the SA border on the Mosquito Creek on what became known as "Mosquito Plains" or "Robertson's Plains."

John ROBERTSON built his magnificent residence, "Struan House" on the Mosquito Creek, near Naracoorte in South Australia in the 1870s and died there in 1880.

John ROBERTSON and Susan Ann Tait Cetwill FRASER had the following family....

  1. John ROBERTSON, b. 1855, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1917, "Elderslie" station, S-E SA. Unmarried.
  2. Jane "Jeannie" ROBERTSON, b. 1857, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1919, Melbourne, Vic., m. 1885, to William SHIELS 1848-1905. William SHIELS was a Victorian MLA and Premier of Victoria in the 1890s.
  3. May ROBERTSON, b. 1859, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1950, Naracoorte, S-E SA., m. 1889, Vic., to Euclid Basil PENDER ~1855-1933.
  4. Alexander ROBERTSON, b. 1860, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1927, "Struan House," S-E SA., m. 1927, SA., to Frances Gertrude FRASER 1893-1927.
  5. William ROBERTSON, b. 1862, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1904, "Struan House," S-E SA. Unmarried.
  6. Leslie ROBERTSON, b. 1863, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1940, Geelong, Vic., m. 1896, SA., to Robert VINCENT ~1860-1935.
  7. James ROBERTSON, b. 1866, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1953, Barwon Heads, Vic., m1. 1895, Vic., to sarah CLARK 1873-1904, m2. Alice CLARK 1887-1965.
  8. Annie Davidson ROBERTSON, b. 1868, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1935, Melbourne, Vic., m. 1890, S-E SA, to Robert Caldwell ANDERSON ~1852-1912.
  9. Elizabeth ROBERTSON, b. 1870, Robertson's Plains, S-E SA., d. 1930, Melbourne, Vic. Unmarried.

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