Merino Schools' Petitions, 1877 & 1879
Glenelg & Wannon Region, S-W Victoria, Australia

This page contains transcripts of three documents from the late 1870's relating to schools at Merino and Merino Downs. An important aspect of these documents are the lists of names of families and children in the area at the time. The documents are:

  1. Letter of request for a school at Merino (1877).
  2. Letter from Richard CARLINGTON, headmaster, to the Education Department, requesting action on the poor condition of the school residence (1878).
  3. Letter of request for a school at Merino Downs (Henty property, 1879)

Letter of request for a school at Merino

(signed by approximately 80 residents)

22nd August 1877

Source: Correspondence Files, Merino SS 2115 – then 416 (PRO Vic – 5 pages)

This 416 school was originally C of E

Original file has actual signatures

To the Honourable
The Minister of Public Instruction
We the undersigned inhabitants of Merino would most respectfully urge upon you the great necessity of building a State School at Merino. The building at present in use is quite inadequate for the requirements of the district, as is shown by the fact that there are over two hundred children of school age in the immediate neighbourhood, while the building at present used – a rented one – will accommodate only about one hundred, thus leaving one half of our children unprovided for. During the past summer the insufficiency of accommodation was painfully realized both by teachers and children; while many who dread the probable consequences of over-crowding in the schoolroom feel compelled to keep their children at home, and are thus deprived of the only means available for their education.

We most earnestly request that immediate attention be given to our case
And we remain, Sir
Your obedient servants
(The Undersigned)

Abbreviations: (LL) = Looks Like; ? = Unsure

      NAME, Residence, Occupation [ 22 August 1877 ]

    • John Alex ADAMSON, Merino, Banker

    • George NORTHCOTT, Merino, Hotelkeeper
    • A McPHERSON Sr, Merino, Banker
    • Wm ? FRANCIS, Merino, Saddler
    • Joseph MAY, Merino, Wheelwright
    • John P JELBARTS, Merino, Blacksmith
    • Harry ? TOOHEY, Merino, Wheelwright
    • Charles E JELBART, Merino, Wheelwright
    • D McINTYRE, Merino, Storekeeper
    • William D MELDRUM, Merino, Coachbuilder
    • Thos D CLARKE, Merino, Poundkeeper
    • Benjamin FORD, Merino, Storekeeper
    • William FRANCIS ?, Merino, Butcher
    • John SILLIR [LILLIE ?], Merino, Storekeeper
    • M CUDDELL ? [CUSSENS ?], Merino, Storekeeper
    • R ? McDONALD [Skirving McDONALD ?], Merino, Saddler
    • Joseph JELBART, Merino, Blacksmith
    • D Matt REVELL, (LL) Merino, Coach painter
    • Henry McLEOD, Merino, Labourer
    • William GILLIES, Merino, Labourer
    • John PATERSON, Merino, Butcher
    • John KING, Merino, Farmer
    • Thomas JELBART, Merino, Blacksmith
    • John HOLLARD, Merino, Butcher
    • Edwin HUSSON, Merino, Farmer
    • Albert L CRAVEN, Merino, Chemist
    • James TAIT, Merino, Commission Agent
    • Alexander MATHESON, Merino, Farmer
    • Henry MUTCH, Merino, Brickmaker
    • Thos BRIGERS, (LL) Merino, Sawyer

    • Thomas SMITH, Merino, (Can’t read)

    • George DOUGLASS, Merino, Labourer
    • George TAIT, (LL) Merino, Farmer
    • Charles SCARBOROUGH, Merino, Carrier
    • James FULTON, Merino, Miller
    • Charles HOLLARD, Merino, Labourer
    • Alexander CAMERON, Merino, Farmer
    • Henry NORTHCOTT, Merino, Carpenter
    • Neil McINTYRE, Merino, Farmer
    • ??, Merino, Storekeeper
    • John McLEAN, Merino, Farmer
    • John ALLITT, Merino, Farmer
    • Ross McKINNON, (LL) Merino, Butcher

    • Samuel GENGE, (LL) Merino, Farmer
    • Joseph GREENAWAY, Merino, Labourer
    • Robert FULTON, Merino, Miller
    • Israel MALING, Merino, Blacksmith
    • James BREBNER, Merino, Labourer
    • Ann NOLTE [ Henry ? ], Merino, Farmer

    • Moses BULLAS, Merino, Minister

    • Christopher COULSON, Dwyers Ck, Farmer
    • John LEAKE, Merino, Farmer
    • Robert HICKS, Merino, Carrier
    • James BOYD, Merino, Farmer
    • John McRAE, Merino, Farmer
    • Donald CAMERON, Merino, Farmer

    • Archibald McINTYRE, Merino, Farmer

    • Angus McINTYRE, Merino, Farmer

    • Alexander McNICOL, Merino, Farmer

    • Patrick BRUGGY, Merino, Labourer

    • John KING, Merino, Farmer

    • Richard Hy CARLINGTON, Merino, Teacher

    • Peter FINLAY, (LL) Merino, Carrier

    • James Nasbett, Merino, Labourer

    • James DRUMMOND, Merino, Farmer

    • M T CUSSEN, Merino, Storekeeper

    • P DOYLE, Merino, Labourer

    • Robert HEARD, Merino, Groom

    • Harry SCHNEIDER, Merino, Labourer

    • Eli PICKETT, Merino, Labourer

    • Joseph ROWE, Merino, Labourer

    • Heinrich KOHN, Merino, Builder

    • George NORTHCOTT, Merino, Saddler
    • Michael NOLAN, Merino, Farmer

    • James HEANEY, Merino, Contractor

    • Henry WRIGHT, Merino, Clerk

    • W LANG, Merino, Bricklayer

Letter from Richard Carlington, headmaster, to the Education Department, requesting action on the poor condition of the school residence.
10th May 1878.

The Secretary
Education Department

State School 416
10th May 1878

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 8th instant, (No S78/10250) in which you state, "that house" "of the residence attached to the above school cannot be regarded as absolutely necessary for school purposes, and you must, therefore, continue to be charged rent for the same".

I would respectfully call your attention to the fact that my principal reason for objecting to pay rent is, because the house is not fit for human habitation.

Briefly my case may be summarised thus –

  1. The house is not fit for residence.
  2. The Department will not make it fit.
  3. Neither will the Trustees do so.
  4. The Department on a previous occasion (in a communication in my possession) distinctly informed me that if I did not inhabit the house I should not be charged rent for it. That decision of the Department was carried out for some time.
  5. Similar circumstances having again arisen, I unhesitatingly believed the Department would act in the same manner as previously.

I do most respectfully request that you will be pleased to reconsider the case and not insist on my paying rent for a house which I cannot inhabit, however earnestly I may wish to do so, without endangering the health and lives of my family.

I have the honor to be, Sir,

Your most obedient servant,

Richard Hy Carlington

Head Teacher

Letter of request for a school at Merino Downs, 1879)

Listing names and ages of students who would benefit, also signatures of parents.

(Source: Correspondence Files, Merino Downs SS 2548 PRO Victoria)

Education Department

To the Minister of Education

Honorable Sir

We the undersigned petitioners beg to state to you that we are in great want of school accommodation on Merino Downs side of Wannon River on account of children not being able to cross the same to Carrapooke (sic) side and Dwyers Creek too far away. Hoping that Your Honoor may see to our want as soon as convenient and enclosed with this is a list of the children’s names and ages as enquired by the Department on 10th April 1879.

  • William Hicks Farmer Merino Downs
  • Donald Cameron Farmer Merino Downs
  • Heinrich Gruneberg Merino Downs
  • Robert Roulston Farmer Merino Downs
  • John McMillan Farmer Merino Downs
  • John Outtram Farmer Merino Downs
  • Mrs Hadden Merino Downs
  • Thomas Noble Farmer Merino Downs

All parties herein signatures are genuine and no ………. of bachelors as has been represented heretofore in cases.

The names and ages of children that are ready also all growing families.

Elizabeth Jane Noble 6 years 6 months 4˝ miles

  • Thomas Charles Noble 4 years 5 months
  • William Hicks Born May 12th 1872 5˝ miles
  • Andrew Hicks Born Feb 1st 1874
  • Susanna Hicks Born Sep 4th 1876
  • John Cameron 13 years 4 miles
  • Peter Cameron 12 years
  • Christina Cameron 10 years
  • Grace Cameron 6 years
  • Hugh Cameron 4 years
  • Louise Gruneberg 10 years 4˝ miles
  • James Roulston 12 years 5 miles
  • David Roulston 8 years (These 3 marked as left the district)
  • Samuel Hadden 14 years
  • FA McMillan 7 years
  • AJ McMillan 5 years
  • JA McMillan 3 years
  • CA McMillan
  • John Outtram 6 years 4 miles
  • Jane Outtram 4 years