George TAIT 1808-1892
Anne MOWATT 1803-1873

Watten, Caithness, Scotland; Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

George TAIT b. 1808 Watten, Caithness, Scotland, son of George TAIT and Isabella HENDERSON was married in 1826 at Watten, Caithness, Scotland, to Anne MOWATT, b. 1803, Caithness, Scotland, daughter of James MOWATT and Euphemia BAIN.

George & Anne TAIT and family emigrated to Australia from Plymouth, England, arriving at Portland, Victoria on the "Priam" in 1852.

George & Anne TAIT died in Merino, Australia in 1892 and 1873 respectively.

George TAIT and Anne MOWATT had the following known family....

  1. George TAIT, b. 1826, Watten, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1911, Sandford, Vic, m. 1848, Sct to Janet MUNRO 1824-1912, daughter of John MUNRO and Barbara GUNN. George TAIT was a member of the Ancient Order of Foresters at Digby from 1862-1863.
    1. Annie Elma TAIT, b. 1850, Sct, d. 1935, Sandford, Vic., m. George MURRELL 1852-1940
    2. George TAIT, b. 1853, Sct, d. 1854, Vic.
    3. John TAIT, b. 1854, Creswick, Vic, d. 1931, Casterton, Vic., m.1 Emma BEDDELL 1859-1880, b. Tarringower, Vic., d. Merino, S-W Vic., m.2. Thurza BONNER 1856-1916, b. Lake Mundi, S-W Vic., d. Casterton, S-W Vic.
    4. Barbara TAIT, b. 1857, Vic, d. 1939, Northcote, Vic.
    5. Janet Sutherland TAIT, b. 1859, Creswick, Vic, d. 1941, Vic., m. John Francis CULL 1858-1920
    6. George TAIT, b. 1862, Merino, Vic, d. ........?, m. Ellen Charlotte FLIGHT
    7. James Alexander TAIT, b. 1864, Merino, Vic, d. 1950, Vic., m. Elizabeth McALISTER
    8. William Robert TAIT, b. 1866, Merino, Vic, d. 1913, Casterton, Vic., m1. Edith Helena HURRELL, m2. Caroline Matilda McCABE

  2. Euphemia TAIT, b. 1828, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1892, Merino, Vic, m. Alexander McLEOD, d. ......?
    1. Henry Tait McLEOD, b. 1853, Portland, Vic, d. 1927, Ballarat, Vic
    2. Angus McLEOD, b. 1855, Portland, Vic, d. 1893, Hamilton, Vic

  3. James TAIT, b. 1831, Watten, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1920, Merino, Vic, m. Jessie CAMERON 1833-1911 and they had a large family at Ballarat and then Merino. James TAIT was a member of the Ancient Order of Foresters at Digby from 1872-1879.
    "Mr. James TAIT - born at Watten, Scotland in 1831, and came to Australia in the ship Priam, which arrived in 1852. He went to the goldfields for some years, but in 1862 he came to Merino, where he was employed in Mr. FORD's first store. He followed many business activities, becoming a licensed auctioneer in 1874; he also had a small store. Mainly owing to his efforts the court house was removed from Digby to its present site, and later he was instumental in securing land for the present Mechanic's Institute. As is stated above the entrance, the public park is dedicated to the memory of this esteemed pioneer. Mr. TAIT died in 1920, leaving a large grown up family of three girls and five boys, most of whom followed the blacksmithing trade, and were well known figures on the athletic field."
    1. Jane Elizabeth TAIT, b. 1855, Chilwell, Vic, d. ............?
    2. Anna TAIT, b. 1856, Buninyong, Vic, d. 1936, Merino, Vic
    3. George John TAIT, b. 1857, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1933, Bendigo, Vic, m., Eliza / Ellen GRIEVES
    4. James Cameron TAIT, b. 1859, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1915, Brisbane, QLD,. m. ...........?
    5. William Charles TAIT, b. 1861, Tarnagulla, Vic, d. .........?
    6. Euphemia Bain TAIT, b. 1863, Merino, Vic, d. 1889, Hamilton, Vic
    7. Henry Angus Cameron TAIT, b. 1865, Merino, Vic, d. 1902, Vic, m. Margaret MORTON
    8. John Alexander TAIT, b. 1867, Merino, Vic, d. 1931, Vic, m. Ellen McLENNAN
    9. Isabella TAIT, b. 1869, Vic, d. 1960, Vic.
    10. Benjamin Ford TAIT 1871-1941, b. Merino, Victoria; Saddler at Merino (foreman for Robert Gruer McINROY, purchased his his business in 1918); d. Merino, Victoria.
    11. Jemima TAIT, b. 1873, Merino, Vic, d. 1956, m. Edwin Campbell HUSSON
    12. Alfred Francis TAIT, b. 1875, d. 1876, Merino, Vic.
    13. Robert TAIT, b. 1877, d. 1877, Merino, Vic.

  4. Isabella TAIT, b. 1833, Watten, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1927, Merino, Vic.
  5. William Henderson TAIT, b. ca 1835, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1908, Merino, Vic, m. 1865, Vic, to Isabella MUNRO 1827-1915, daughter of John MUNRO and Barbara GUNN.
    1. Annie Maud TAIT, b. ca 1882, d. 1966, Melbourne, Vic., m. John Campbell BOYD 1882-1917
      • enlisted WW1, 7 June 1916, Casterton, Vic,
      • served as Pte 2041, 39th Battalion, AIF
      • KIA 12 Oct 1917, Passcheandale, Belgium
      • Named on Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll
      • Named on Casterton War Memorial

  6. John TAIT, b. 1836, Caithness(CAI), Scotland, d. 1907, Hokitika, New Zealand, m. ____? [emigrated aged 15y on the "Priam", arrived Portland in 1852. He qualified in Melbourne as a Chemist & Druggist and opened a Chemist business in Portland before moving to New Zealand along with brother Alexander with the New Zealand goldrush. John & Alexander both became photographers in New Zealand in the 1870s. John was Mayor of Hokitika in the year 188586.]
  7. Alexander TAIT, b. ca 1839, Caithness(CAI), Scotland, d. ..........? m. 1872, NZ to Alice DUHEAUME 1850-1875 [emigrated aged on the "Priam", arrived Portland in 1852, moved to New Zealand along with brother John where he married in 1872. They both became photographers in New Zealand in the 1870s.]
    1. Alice Maud TAIT, b. 1873, Melbourne, Vic, d. ...........?
    2. William George TAIT, b. 1875, d. 1876, Melbourne, Vic
    3. John Leighton TAIT, b. 1875, Vic, d. 1887, Merino, Vic.

  8. Ann TAIT, b. 1841, Wick, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1880, Merino, Vic., m. John ALLITT
  9. Elizabeth TAIT, b. ca 1844, Caithness(CAI), Sct, d. 1919, Merino, Vic., m. Francis Delmar LEDGARD 1842-?

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