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    Norfolk Island Research & Genealogy Centre
    The Norfolk Island Research & Genealogy Centre has been created to assist researchers throughout the world who may have Norfolk or Pitcairn Island ancestors, or an interest in the history of our island.

    Norfolk & Pitcairn Island Genealogy
    The descendants of the crewmembers of the Mutiny on the Bounty live in quite a few different corners of the world. In addition to the Pitcairners, and those of Bounty descent on Norfolk, many persons in Australia, New Zealand, England, the United States, and elsewhere claim descent from this historical event.

    Norfolk Island - The Web Site
    Welcome to Norfolk Island's Home on the Web. Norfolk Island is but a speck on the surrounding two million empty square miles of seascape. In the South Pacific Ocean, this three by five mile volcanic outcrop is a subtropical paradise - but a paradise which has known inhuman brutality.

    HMS Bounty - Famous Tall Ship
    The HMS Bounty. Unquestionably the most famous of all tall ships. The notorious Captain Bligh and his ship are the subject of thousands of books and articles and several motion pictures. The most famous being the original Mutiny on the Bounty released in 1935 featuring Clarke Gable and Charles Laughton.

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    Pitcairn Island Study Centre

    Pitcairn Island Website
    Click for a number of articles about Pitcairn, some written by us, others written by people who have sent them to us. You may also want to look at: The Saga of HMS Bounty and Pitcairn Island to get a feel for the history of the island.

    Mutiny on The Bounty
    In the year 1787, Lieutenant William Bligh, a young British Naval Officer having most recently served as sailing master to Captain James Cook on his voyages to the South Pacific, was commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks and the British Admiralty, to undertake a voyage in a small ship, HMS Bounty. The goal of the voyage was to obtain a large number of breadfruit plantings to be taken to the Caribbean where they would be transplanted to provide food for the slaves in those colonies.

    Norfolk Island Botanic Gardens

    Bounty Folk Museum