Joseph BOND 1856-1946
Maria Elizabeth SKIPWORTH 1863-1932

Portland, Heywood, Mount Gambier, South Australia & Wando Vale, Victoria, Australia

Joseph BOND 1856-1946, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to William BOND & Sarah J BRADFIELD was married in 1884 at Mount Gambier, South Australia to Maria Elizabeth SKIPWORTH 1863-1932, b. Macarthur, S-W Victoria, to Augustus Frederick SKIPWORTH & Sarah BENNETT.

Joseph & Maria BOND had a known family of seven born 1886-1904 at Portland, Mount Gambier & Wando Vale.

Joseph & Maria BOND became successful applicants for a block on the Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme in 1900 (see list of successful applicants).

Three of their children, Herbert, May & Percy were listed as potential pupils at school in Wando Vale in 1901.

Maria BOND died at Mildura in 1932 and her husband Joseph BOND died at Ballarat in 1946.

Two of their sons, Arthur & Percy are listed on the Wando Vale War Memorial and also on the Wando Vale SS 3397 Honour Roll as having served in WW1.

Joseph BOND and Maria Elizabeth SKIPWORTH had the following known family...

  1. Frederick William BOND, b. 1886, d. 1886, Portland, Victoria.

  2. Arthur BOND, b. 1887, Portland, Victoria, d. 1962, Warrnambool, Victoria, m. ___ to Emily May GAPES, b. 1882, Tower Hill, Victoria, d. 1973, Warrnambool, Victoria. In 1916 Joseph BOND was recorded as a farm manager of Perth, Western Australia when he served in WW1 as follows...

  3. Herbert Albert BOND, b. 1889, Mount Gambier, South Australia, d. 1958, Casterton, Victoria, m. 1921 to Caroline Hilda LANE, b. 1900, Sandford, Victoria, d. 1993, Casterton, Victoria.

  4. May Eliza BOND, b. 1891, Portland, Victoria, d. 1963, Casterton, Victoria, m. 1910 to Levi DUBIDGE, b. 1878, Killara, Victoria, d. 1967, Ballarat, Victoria.

  5. Percy Philip BOND, b. 1893, Mount Gambier, South Australia, d. 1940, Warrnambool, Victoria, m. ___ to Hilda May ___, b. ca1897, ___, d. 1986, Warrnambool, Victoria. In 1916 Percy BOND was recorded as a Farmer of Wando Vale when he served in WW1 as follows...

  6. Joseph Roy BOND, b. 1895, Mount Gambier, South Australia, d. 1896, Portland, Victoria.

  7. Joseph Lindsay BOND, b. 1904, Casterton, Victoria, d. 1977, Dartmoor, Victoria.

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