James FERGUSON c.1870-1937
Margaret Rebecca STEVENS 1869-1934

Scotland ; Buangor, Beaufort, Wando Vale, Swan Hill, Victoria, and Moulamein, NSW Australia

James FERGUSON c.1870-1937, b. Scotland son of ____ was married in 1891 at ___, Victoria, Australia to Margaret Rebecca STEVENS, b. 1869, Beaufort, Victoria, daughter of William George STEVENS and Agnes BROWN.

James FERGUSON, farm labourer of Beaufort, Victoria was allocated a closer settlent block on the Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme of 1900. Four children in his family were listed as potential pupils at a new school at Wando Vale in 1901. Two of their sons, Alexander "Alick" & William George "Willie" FERGUSON were recorded on the Wando Vale S.S. 3397 WW1 Honour Roll and WW1 War Memorial as having served in WW1.

James FERGUSON had moved back to the Beaufort area by 1915 and then moved to the Swan Hill and Moulamein areas of northern Victoria of southern NSW about 1917. He was recorded as a farmer at Tooleybuc, NSW in the 1920s and died at Swan Hill, Victoria in 1937 and his wife Margaret FERGUSON died at Tooleybuc, NSW in August 1934.

James FERGUSON and Margaret Rebecca STEVENS had the following known family...

  1. Donald FERGUSON, b. 1892, Beaufort, Victoria, d. 1948, Broken Hill, NSW, m. ..., to ...?... and had one daughter.

  2. Alexander James "Alick" FERGUSON, b. 1893, Buangor, near Beaufort, Victoria, d. 1977, Ouyen, Victoria, m. 1918, England to Isabel Rennick Young SEMPLE. He moved to the Swan Hill area after WW1. Served in WW1 as follows...
    • enlisted WW1 27 Aug 1914, Ballarat
    • served as Pte 782, 8th Battalion, AIF
    • landed ANZAC Cove, 25 Apr 1915, wounded during the landing and admitted to hospital back in Egypt.
    • transferred to 60th Battalion, AIF 24 Feb 1916
    • served in France as Sgt 782, 8th Battalion, AIF 1916-1919
    • WIA France 19 Jul 1916
    • RTA per "Orca" 31 Mar 1919
    • Wando Vale S.S. 3397 Honour Roll

  3. Grace Annie FERGUSON, b. 1894, Beaufort, Victoria, d. 1969, Donvale, Victoria, m. Charles Henry HONYBUN 1892-1982.

  4. Mary FERGUSON, b. 1896, Buangor, near Beaufort, Victoria, d. 1962, Melbourne, Victoria, m. Joseph Richard August SUMMERFIELD 1894-1972.

  5. William George "Willie" FERGUSON, b. 1897, Buangor, near Beaufort, Victoria, d. 1980, Benalla, Vic, m. ........?. Served in WW1 as follows...
    • enlisted WW1 6 Aug 1915, Melbourne
    • served in France as Pte 4488, 60th Battalion, AIF 1916-1919
    • WIA France 19 Jul 1916
    • RTA 23 Jun 1919
    • Wando Vale SS 3397 Honour Roll

  6. Kenneth John FERGUSON, b. 1898, Buangor, near Beaufort, Victoria, d. 1965, Heidelberg, Victoria, m. Bridget Rose O'BREE 1898-1964.

  7. Isabel Brown FERGUSON, b. 1901, Carlton, Victoria, d. 1976, Swan Hill, Victoria, m. John Marcus HANN c.1889-1947, m. ____ WATSON .............?

  8. George FERGUSON 1903-...?..., b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. ...?..., m. 1932 to Julia Aria LOCKHART 1905-...?..., b, Wedderburn, Victoria to Bryan LOCKHART and Aria Eliza STEWART.

  9. Robert FERGUSON, b. 1905, Casterton, Victoria, d. 1906, Casterton, Victoria.

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