William LANE c.1830- ?
Janet ANDISON 1839-1890

VDL (Tasmania) ; Roxburghshire, Scotland ; Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia

William LANE b. ca 1830, Van Diemen's Land son of James LANE and Ann ____ was married in 1860 in Victoria to Janet ANDISON, b. 1839, Hobkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland daughter of James ANDISON & Jean JACKSON.

Little is known of William LANE other than the birth of two children at Sandford in the early 1860s...?...

William LANE & Janet ANDISON had the following known family:

  1. James Edgar LANE 1860-1944, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, by 1915 was a farmer of "Dunrobin" Estate, near Casterton, d. Dergholm, N of Casterton, S-W Victoria; m. 1889 Caroline HUMPHRIES 1859-1931.
    1. John Henry LANE, b. 1889, Sandford, Vic, d. 1959, m. Alice Maud McCANN
    2. Janet LANE, b. 1890, Sandford, Vic, d. 1969, m. Samuel George McCONACHY
    3. Margaretta Ruth LANE, b. 1892, Sandford, Vic, d. 1972, m. Donald McLEAN
    4. James Edgar LANE, b. 1894, Sandford, Vic, d. 1968, m. Alice Maria Ruth BEDDELL
    5. Charles Russell "Russ" LANE 1897-1974, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. Horsham, Victoria, m. 1921 to Lucy Frances ROBINSON 1899-1981, b. Shepparton, Victoria; d. Horsham, Victoria. By 1915 his parents were farming on "Dunrobin" Estate, near Casterton. In 1916 he was the Honary Secretary of the Dunrobin Mechanics' Hall and in 1918 enlisted in the AIF on 15 Aug 1918 at Melbourne, farewelled at Dunrobin on 13 Nov 1918, discharged from the AIF on 24 Dec 1918 due to the war ending and he did not have to sail from Melbourne as planned. Named on Dunrobin WW1 Honour Roll and Sandford War Memorial as R. LANE.
    6. Caroline Hilda LANE, b. 1900, Sandford, Vic, d. 1993, m. Herbert Albert BOND

  2. Jean Jackson LANE 1861-1933, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. 1933, Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1884 to Peter Andrew WHELAN 1861-1904, b. Sandhurst (Bendigo), Victoria to John WHELAN and Margaret LONG, d. Sandford, S-W Victoria. Peter WHELAN was a storekeeper of "Whelan's General Store" at Sandford when it was destroyed by fire in 1894...
    "The Age" (Melbourne, Vic.) Monday, 20th August 1894.

    Whelan's general store at Sandford was burned down on Friday night through some curtains accidentally catching fire. The premises are owned by Mr. Lesser, of Coleraine, and insured in the London and Liverpool Globe Company for 300. The stock is insured for only 200 in the same office, so Mr. Whelan's loss will be heavy, as hardly anything was saved.
    Peter Andrew WHELAN and Jean Jackson LANE had the following family...
    1. Janet Anderson WHELAN 1884-1934, b. Kyneton, Vic., d. Sydney, NSW.
    2. John WHELAN 1888-1971, b. Melbourne, Vic., d. Sydney, NSW, m. Cecile Josephine ....
    3. Herbert William WHELAN 1891-1949, b. Sandford, S-W Vic., d. Sydney, NSW, m. ...?...
    4. Peter Paul WHELAN 1892-1966, b. Sandford, S-W Vic., d. Sydney, NSW, m. ...?...
    5. Vincent Dunn WHELAN 1894-1969, b. Sandford, S-W Vic., d. Sydney, NSW, m. ...?...
    6. Alexander Gordon Black WHELAN 1899-1965, b. Condah, S-W Vic., d. Sydney, NSW, m. ...?...

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