John McLAUGHLIN 1827-1893
Mary MILLER 1832-1909

Co Tyrone, N Ireland; Sandford, Muntham, Wando Vale & Minimay, S-W Victoria, Australia

John McLAUGHLIN 1827-1893, b. Co Tyrone, N Ireland son of ____ and ____; d. Melbourne, Victoria, Auatralia; married in 1852 in Co Tyrone, Ireland to Mary MILLER 1832-1909, b. 1832, Co Tyrone, N Ireland, daughter of William MILLER and Jane DONALD; d. Minimay, near Goroke, Victoria, Australia.

John McLAUGHLIN, his wife Mary MILLER and seven children arrived at Hobson's Bay (Melbourne), Victoria on 4 May 1865 on the ship "Thunderbolt" which left Liverpool, England on 18 Jan 1865. The family soon settled in the Sandford area, on the Wannon River in south-western Victoria where an additional four children were born from 1867 to 1872.

Later, many members of the family moved north to the Minimay & Goroke area of Western Victoria.

John McLAUGHIN died in Melbourne in 1893 & his widow Mary died at Goroke in 1909 and was buried at Minimay.

In 1900 one of their sons, Joseph Miller McLAUGHLIN obtained one of the new allotments in the Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme. He married Ellen TUFFNELL in 1900 and they raised a large family in the area.

By 1902 another son, James McLAUGHLIN had obtained one of the "Muntham" Estate allotments and married Mary McFARLANE 1875-1933, daughter of Dugald McFARLANE and Sarah McINNES in 1902. They had a family of 3 boys, before James died there in 1912 and was buried at Casterton.

John McLAUGHLIN & Mary MILLER had the following known family:

  1. Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN 1853-1915, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland, d. Minimay, near Goroke, Victoria; m. Archibald McINTYRE 1841-1896, b. Isle of Mull, Scotland to Archibald "Archie" McINTYRE and Flora McLEAN; d. Goroke, Victoria. 8 children.
  2. Sarah Jane McLAUGHLIN 1855-1878, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland, d. Sandford, Victoria; twins born at Sandford, Victoria in 1972.
  3. William McLAUGHLIN 1857-1902, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; unmarried; d. Horsham, Victoria.
  4. John McLAUGHLIN 1858-1922, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. Melbourne, Victoria; of Sandford, Casterton, Mansfield and Melbourne, Victoria; m.1 in 1883 to Annie DOUGLAS 1862-1900, b. Portland, Victoria to George DOUGLAS and Mary THOMPSON; d. Casterton, Victoria; 5 children including one son John Jubilee McLAUGHLIN 1887-1915 killed in action at Gallipoli; m.2 in 1910 to Harriet Mary Marshall POTTER 1880-1966, b. Fryerstown, near Castlemaine, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 6 children at Melbourne and Mansfield, Victoria.
  5. James McLAUGHLIN 1861-1912, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. "Muntham" Estate, near Casterton, Victoria; m. Mary McFARLANE 1875-1933, b. Hamilton, Victoria to Dugald McFARLANE and Marion "Sally" McINNES; d. Warragul, Victoria; 3 children.
  6. Robert McLAUGHLIN 1862-1927, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. Minimay, near Goroke, Victoria; m. in 1903 to Gladys Martha McINTYRE 1885-1933, b. Ireland to Archibald McINTYRE and Elizabeth "Eliza" McLAUGHLIN; d. Bordertown, SA; 9 children.
  7. Andrew Thomas King McLAUGHLIN 1865-1923, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. "Mount Cone" Station, Burra district, South Australia; m. in 1894 to Hannah Sarah EVEREST 1877-1974, b. Kingston-on Murray, SA to George EVEREST and Sarah HILLIARD; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 7 children.
  8. Joseph Miller McLAUGHLIN 1877-1944, b. Sandford, Victoria; farmer of Wando Vale, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. in 1900 to Ellen TUFFNELL 1874-1943, b. Nangeela, near Casterton, Victoria to Robert TUFFNELL and Mary Ann FOSTER; d. Geelong, Victoria; 7 children.
  9. Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN 1870-1948, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. in 1914 to Thomas Henry BAYLEY 1863-1945, b. Newbridge, Victoria to John Francis Ginwidge BAYLEY and Rosanna Sarah WILLIAMS; d. Melbourne, Victoria; No? children.
  10. Martha Jane McLAUGHLIN 1872-1903, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria (after and operation).
  11. Samuel Henry McLAUGHLIN 1872-1932, b. Sandford, Victoria; Farmer of Leneva, near Wodonga; d. Wodonga, Victoria; bachelor.

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