Stephen NORMAN 1812-1901
Mary Jane CRAIG 1830-1923

Norfolk, England ; Co Tyrone, Ireland;
VDL(Tasmania); Portland ; Henty (Merino Downs) ; Sandford & Casterton, Victoria, Australia

Stephen NORMAN 1812-1901, b. Felthorpe, Norfolk, England son of Stephen NORMAN and Frances FOX, widower, aged 41y was married in 1867 at Sandford, Victoria to Mary Jane CRAIG, 1831-1923, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of William CRAIG & Mary DOAK. Matilda CRAIG 1836-1895, a sister of Mary Jane CRAIG was married to John McCABE and already living in the Sandford (on the Wannon) area of Victoria.

Stephen NORMAN was recorded as a brickmaker and labourer in the 1860s, living at Bowtell's Creek and Mocamboro in the Henty area south of Sandford (on the Wannon), Victoria. According to his 1867 marriage certificate, this was a second marriage for Stephen NORMAN and his first wife had died in 1866 and there had been no children from the first marriage. In 1883 he was allocated 159 acres of land at Mocamboro, south of Sandford by the Casterton Land Board.

Stephen NORMAN of Casterton, Victoria, died in the Hamilton hospital in July 1901, aged between 89 and 107 and was buried in the Hamilton cemetery.

Mary Jane NORMAN (nee CRAIG), widow of Stephen NORMAN died in 1923 and was buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Stephen NORMAN & Mary Jane CRAIG had the following family:

  1. Agnes NORMAN 1867-1868, b. and d. Bowtell's Creek, near Sandford, Victoria.
  2. Frances "Fanny" NORMAN 1868-1957, b. Bowtell's Creek, near Sandford, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. 1896 at Casterton, Victoria to Edward Jasper GILDING 1871-1933, b. Casterton, Victoria to Edwin James GILDING and Ann CASSIDY. 9 children.
  3. Mary Jane NORMAN 1873-1958, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. 1958, Bahgallah, Victoria; m. 1892 to Francis Sampson "Frank" HUMPHRIES 1858-1943
  4. son of Charles HUMPHRIES of Caroline SAMPSON. 3 children who all died as infants.

Stephen NORMAN ... :

  • 1812 - Stephen NORMAN born 7 May 1812, Felthorpe, Norfolk, England son of Stephen NORMAN and Frances FOX (IGI)
  • 1827/28 - Stephen NORMAN (father of Stephen, 1812) was arrested for sheep stealing, gave his name as William GIBBS, convicted of sheep stealing, sentenced tp death, commuted to transportation for life, transported on the ship "Manlius" to Hobart Town, Van Diemen's land in 1828 as William GIBBS.
  • 1829 - Stephen NORMAN (son) along with his mother and siblings migrated to Van Diemen's land under the name GIBBS and joined their husband and father, who was now an assigned convict to Captain WOOD.
  • 1838 - Stephen NORMAN (son) married a Margaret BERRY on 4 Jun 1838 at Launceston, VDL (appears to be his 1st marriage)
  • 1841 - a Stephen NORMAN sailed from Launceston on 3 Dec 1841 in the "Minerva" for Portland Bay.
  • 1840s - Stephen NORMAN was a ploughman for Edward HENTY at Portland, according to family members he was photographed with the first HENTY plough at Portland as he was the ploughman.
  • 1867 - Stephen NORMAN, widower, aged 41y, son of Stephen NORMAN and Frances FOX, Felthorpe, Norfolk, England, was married in 1867 at Sandford, Victoria to Mary Jane CRAIG, b. 1831, Co Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of William CRAIG & Mary DOAK.
  • 1867 - a daughter Agnes NORMAN, born Bowtell's Creek, near Sandford.
  • 1868 - a daughter Agnes NORMAN, died at Sandford.
  • 1868 - a daughter Frances NORMAN born at Bowtell's Creek, near Sandford.
  • 1873 - a daughter Mary Jane NORMAN born at Sandford.
  • 1901 - CASTERTON.- The singular circumstance is mentioned in connection with Mr. Stephen Norman, the pioneer employe, who landed at Portland with the late Mr. Edward Henty and who died a few days ago at the advanced age of 108 years, that he never knew what it was to have a day's illness until visited by the one that necessitated his removal to the hospital early last month. "The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Wednesday, 17th July 1901.
  • 1901 - Stephen NORMAN of Casterton, aged 101 or 107, one of the first employees of the late Edward HENTY, died in the Hamilton Hospital in July of exhaustion and senile decay. "Hamilton Spectator" 18th July 1901.
  • 1901 - Death of Old Colonist.- Mr Stephen Norman, one of the first employes of the late Mr Edward Henty at Portland, has died at the advanced age of 107 years. He was the first to plough land for the pioneer settler at Portland, and has been ever since a resident of the district. Fortune, however, had never dealt so kindly with him as with many of the first settlers, and after a short illness be died at the Hamilton Hospital. He retained the use of his faculties up to the period of his illness. "Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 19th July 1901.
  • 1901 - Stephen NORMAN from the Casterton district died in the Hamilton hospital aged anywhere from 89-107. His correct age appears to be 89y.

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