Neil ORR 1828-1897 & Catherine McLEAN 1836-1909

Argyle, Scotland, Mosquito Plains, SA, Merino & Sandford, Victoria, Australia

Neil ORR b. 1828, Isle of Islay, Scotland, son of Donald ORR and Elizabeth DALLAS was married in 1855 at the Parsonage-on-the-Wannon, Tahara Bridge, Victoria to Catherine McLEAN, b. 1836, Isle of Mull, Scotland, daughter of Hugh McLEAN 1802-1882 & Sarah McLEAN 1806-1882.

Neil & Catherine ORR were on Mosquito Plains, near Naracoorte, South Aistralia in the 1850s and 1860s where some of their children were born.

In the late 1860s and 1870s more children were born near Sandford and Merino in south-west Victoria.

Neil ORR & Catherine ORR died in 1897 and 1909 respectively, and are both buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Neil ORR & Catherine McLEAN had the following known family:

  1. Elizabeth ORR b. 1856, Mosquito Plains, SA, d. 1940, Mosman, Sydney, m. Donald McLEAN c.1851-1906 and they had family of 10 ch'n in the Sandford area from 1878-1893.
  2. Hugh ORR b. 1858, Mosquito Plains, SA, d. 1927, Casterton, Victoria.
  3. Neil ORR b. 1860, Mosquito Plains, SA, d. 1932, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Mary Ann JOHNSTON 1859-1918 (4 chn born at Merino, Vic)
  4. Sarah Ann ORR b. 1863, Mosquito Plains, SA, d. 1934, Merino, Vic, m. Eli PICKETT 1861-1952 (8 chn at "Merino Downs").
  5. Thomas ORR b. 1865, Sandford, Vic, d. 1939, Sale, Vic, m. 1890 Mary Elizabeth FINLAYSON who was born at Creswick, Vic.
  6. Mary ORR b. 1869, Merino, Victoria, d. 1934, South Australia, m. Allan CAMERON 1871-1937 (8 chn Merino, Sandford & Strathdownie).
  7. John Dallas ORR b. 1872, Sandford, Victoria, d. 1926, Wakool, NSW.
  8. James Allan ORR b. 1874, Sandford, Victoria, d. 1928, Hopetoun, Victoria, m. Margaret McCABE 1885-1959 (5 ch'n)
  9. Catherine ORR b. 1879, Sandford, Victoria, d. 1942, Ballarat, Victoria.

Thanks to Edwin Maclean for additional family information.

Daryl Povey

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