Strathdownie, Lake Mundi & Lindsay District Settlers

Pioneers and Local History from the Glenelg & Wannon Region of south-west Victoria, Australia.

Strathdownie is a rural district south-west of Casterton, in the Shire of Glenelg, between the Glenelg River and the South Australian border in South-Western Victoria, Australia.

Strathdownie "First Families"

Early Settlers "Casterton News" 1886
Pastoral Runs : location maps
Cemetery (Strathdownie)
Honour Rolls (Strathdownie)
Strathdownie Store, Post Office & Hotel
SS 2397 Ardno & Kaladbro
SS 2974 Ardno West
SS 2378 Killara
SS 3425 Killara North
SS 1786 Lake Mundi
SS 2633 Meereek / Langkoop
SS 2978 Poolaijelo
SS 2883 Strathdownie
SS 2239 Strathdownie West
SS 2604 Tullich
SS 2359 Wilkin (Strathdownie East)
SS2273 Wytwarrone
Wilderness Church (Strathdownie)
Book: "From Red Gums to Bamboo", Mary Jahne

Strathdownie School Group 1923
Photo: Strathdownie School 1923
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Malcolm BEATON's 1856 letter, Strathdownie
SALT / FELLOWS, Strathdownie, 1890s
Edward Byam BROWN 1880-1966
Rebecca LEWIS, Strathdownie
Jane Elizabeth SCOTT, d. 1874, Strathdownie
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo

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