Donald "the elder" McKINNON c.1810-1864
Elizabeth McINNES c.1829-1903

Isle of Skye, Scotlad ; "Kangaroo," "Kaladbro," "Moreep" Stations, Victoria, Australia

Donald "the elder" McKINNON, b. ca 1810, Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scotland, son of Charles McKINNON and Hannah "Una" NICHOLSON and died in 1864 at his recently aquired "Moreep" Station, Moorabool River (nr Meredith), Victoria, Australia. His known siblings were - Catherine ~1806-1888, Christina 1811-1883, Jessie ~1815- " , Peter ~1818-1861, Malcolm ~1820-1877, Donald "the younger" ~1820-1869 & Hector 1823-1881.

Donald "the elder" is a member of the McKINNON family connected with the properties of "Mingbool" S-E South Australia and "Kaladbro" at Strathdownie, S-W Victoria. He was at "Kangaroo" station near Hotspur, S-W Victoria before 1854.

Donald "the elder" McKINNON was married in 1856, ___, Victoria to Elizabeth McINNES, b. ~1829 Isle of Skye, daughter of Duncan McINNES and Margaret McLEAN. She died in 1903 at her residence "Critchill" Brighton Road, St Kilda (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia.

Donald "the elder" McKINNON & Elizabeth McINNES had the following known family:

  1. Hannah "Una" McKINNON b. 1857, Portland, Vic, m. General Edward John LUGARD, lived in England;
  2. Margaret McLean McKINNON b. 1858, Portland, Vic, d. 1926 Melbourne, Vic;
  3. Jessie Catherine McKINNON b. 1860, Portland, Vic, d. 1928, England;
  4. Elizabeth Euphemia McKINNON b. ~1862, ......?, d. 1929, London, England;
  5. Dollina McKINNON b. 1864, "Kaldbro" Station, S-W Vic, d. ~1940, .........?;

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